e2 household waste disposal in bethnal greenHere’s What Bethnal Green is All About. Just Take a Look!

Bethnal Green has a few things going for it as East London districts go. There’s a prominent shopping district, well cared for housing and transportation services, and it’s generally a quirky and charming place. This Town Hamlets district is located in the post code area E2, and has been part of Greater London since the 1960s! Globe Town Market Square is Bethnal Greens’ shopping area of choice, and it’s not hard to miss. Thanks to the three globe structures that mark its corners, you’ll know exactly where to find it. This spark of creativity is a big part of what makes Bethnal Green a worthy place to call home. Bethnal Green is easy to access via railway, bus and water. There’s a London Underground tube station here, as well as a conventional railway, a myriad of London Bus routes, and finally Regent’s Canal which acts as a liquid access point to the area. So the combination of a tidy shopping district and easy transport connections makes the area not only a fine place to visit, but a great place to live also!

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