b12 garden clearance team in camp hillExploring the History and Attractions of Camp Hill

Camp Hill is a Birmingham area with interesting origins and history. The first records of the area date back to 1511, when it was known as Kempe Hill. In 1643, Prince Rupert camped here before one of the battles of the English Civil War (1642-1651) and the area was renamed to Camp Hill to commemorate the event. Perhaps the most notable of the local attractions is the Grade-II listed Stratford House, formerly known as Camp Hill Farm, which dates back to 1601 and is a typical example of Warwickshire architecture from the late Tudor era. Other places in the district worth a visit include the former King Edward VI Grammar School, now a listed building, and the Holy Trinity Church. The six Camp Hill locks lie on a section of the Grand Union Canal, the Warwick and Birmingham Canal.

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