n19 waste disposal in finsbury parkFinsbury Park is a beautiful home!

Finsbury Park is a wonderful and exciting urban place to live in, and can be located in North London. The area is known for its culturally expansive and diverse communities, and there are many Mosques and other religious buildings to be found nearby. There are also fantastic shopping opportunities, with plenty of high street stores, unique boutique and antique market stalls to peruse. Finsbury Park is a place of great interest to football fans, as it is a home to the new Emirates Stadium of Arsenal Football Club. There are many famous people who were either born or lived in Finsbury Park, including Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten, actresses Kate Beckinsale and Lily Loveless and rapper Skinnyman. Finsbury Park is easy to access both by rail and by tube, and there are also many convenient bus routes to take you closer to central London. No matter what you’re looking for in your neighbourhood, Finsbury Park is sure to please!

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