ig2 house rubbish collection in gants hillGants Hill - a Great Place to Settle

Whilst Gants Hill shares its name with a large roundabout that is in the area, do not think that this is all it has to offer! The area is a pleasant one, situated in the suburbs of London, making it a perfect place to commute from, whilst avoiding the hectic pace and rocketing house prices of the city itself. For this reason perhaps, the area is mostly residential, with a smattering of  bars and shops to service the residents. The open spaces of Valentines Park which sit between Gants Hill and Ilford make it a wonderful place to walk, and offer some respite from the hustle and the bustle. The area is well connected for those who want to travel in to the city, as the area sits over the central Line, one of the most reliable lines on the underground system. Anyone looking for the station will find it beneath the roundabout, with many different entrances. The nearest areas include Newbury park, Ilford and Redbridge. For residents trying to get to other areas than London, there are excellent connections from Ilford Railway station, though you may need to drive or catch a bus to the station, depending on where you live in the area.

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