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Harrow is a big suburban town that can be found in the London Borough of Harrow in northwest London. It’s a great area for those with families, and even if you’re in the town on your own, you’re sure to be able to find something noteworthy to do in Harrow! The area is well-known for its various fantastic schools, which are all considered to be some of the best educational institutes in the area, making this a wonderful place for children to live. These schools include Harrow School and Harrow County School. Harrow is also an amazing place for those with an interest in art, and a visit to Harrow’s first artist-run gallery, The Usurp Art Gallery and Studios, shouldn’t be missed. For a more casual day out in Harrow, why not try one of its two large shopping centres, where bargains and high-ends buys can both be found? Harrow is an area that caters to all different tastes, so why not see what you can discover there today!

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