sw20 disposal of old furniture in mertonThe Place to Live In

Merton is a borough based in South West London, even though it may seem like it has been around for a while it is in fact a relatively new area on the grand scheme of things. The area was formed during the London Government Act of 1963, before being dubbed an urban district in 1965. The area also finds itself situated amidst several other well-populated London areas, including Wimbledon, which is a popular tourist destination. The borough itself takes its name from the former historic parish that resided there, which itself was called Merton. On paper, Merton may seem like a fairly subdued area, but it actually has several famous connections. Many don’t know that the area was one of the homes for the ITV series “The Bill”. In fact, the home set of Sun Hill Police Station was located there. Video games have also found themselves a home in the area. Mega-producers Square Enix and Eidos Interactive operate in Merton, by sharing the same head offices. Next time you sit down and discuss up and coming business areas in the capital remember that Merton is bringing a lot to the table, even if such isn’t widely publicized.

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