ha6 disposal of old furniture in northwoodLiving in Northwood

Northwood is a residential area of London, situated within the London Borough of Hillingdon. It is part of the HA6 postcode district. Its population has grown over the years and now it seems to be rather a popular area for people to both visit and live in. It is quite a wealthy area now in fact. There are plenty of amenities here and also several interesting landmarks that people who come here must see. One of them is the great Northwood Grange, another is the London School of Theology, and another is the Northwood Hills Tube Station. The last one might seem a little strange but it was actually built in the early 20th century. And now it is a local landmark of Northwood. So it is at least worth seeing. There is also a long list of schools in this town for you to use if you have children. They are all very good indeed. Notable people of Northwood include Kathleen Byron, Sir William Dickson, Patsy Smart, Betty Marsden, Elena Tondra and many others. It’s quite a popular place and you can see why.

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