nw10 junk collectors in queens parkThe Area Itself

Queen’s Park is an area of North London and much like neighbouring Kilburn, was developed by Solomon Barnett. Constructed almost solely with a residential purpose in mind, Queen’s Park is a home to countless two-storied terraced houses. Many of these houses in the area, that are two-story, were developed in the late 19th and early 20th Century. However, the houses to the west of the region tend to have more of a gothic look and many of the roads are named after famous poets and female friends of Barnett, including Torbay, Tiverton, and Tennyson. Victorians were the first true inhabitants of the area and since its beginning it has become a very popular area, even if it was once declared an area not suitable for social housing, back in the 1970s due to the rent prices. 2014 Queen’s Park brings plenty of shopping amenities to London including some of the most high-class bakeries, butchers, and green grocers in the capital. If you are someone who likes a touch of classic living, then there is no doubt that Queen’s Park is an area that has plenty to offer you.

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