se16 WEEE collection service in rotherhitheAbout Rotherhithe

Rotherhithe can be found in the South East of London and is mainly a residential area. Set in the London Borough of Southwark, it is actually on a peninsula on the South Bank of the River Thames and helps to make up the Docklands. It is in the postcode district SE16 and is surrounded by places such as Southwark, Isle of Dogs, Stratford and West Norwood. The postcodes surrounding the area include SE1, E14, E15 and SE27. Due to its positioning, it is not surprising that Rotherhithe has a history as a port and dock, although these are less used nowadays. The docks have been redeveloped recently to add additional upmarket housing to the area in order more people to be able to live in the area. Not only the docks have been regenerated, however, as new restaurants and shopping areas are springing up all over Rotherhithe, helping to make it a vibrant area. Because of its history, Rotherhithe has plenty of attractions to visit including the Brunel Engine House, Finnish Church, Cuckold’s Point and Nelson Dock Pier. These help to set Rotherhithe apart.

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