ub7 junk removal in sipsonThe Village of Sipson

Located in the UB7 postal area, Sipson is a village in the London Borough of Hillingdon. It is situated in the West of London. Sipson is close to Charing Cross in WC2 and nearby to the North of London Heathrow Airport. There are many notable buildings which have existed in Sipson, including the Vineries, which were built in the 1880’s and demolished in 1970. The Sipson Baptist Church was another place of interest for visitors and locals, and this was converted into apartments in the 1980’s. Notable areas of interest from the past also include the Sipson Farm, which at 500 acres of land, is the largest in the area. The Wall Garden Farm was orchard land situated in the East. Neither of these places exists in their original form at the present time. One of the notable people to reside in the area of Sipson is economist Lionel Robbins.

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