wc1 dispose of junk in sohoA Quick Guide To The Area

Located in the City of Westminster and the West End of London, Soho has been a long-established part of the entertainment district within London. Soho has now become an area that boasts not only a thriving retail sector, but also a bustling nightlife. The area is now also home to plenty of industry, culture, commerce, and entertainment, along with both affluent and not so affluent residential areas. Soho’s popularity has steam rolled in recent years, to the point where they need to close several streets to cater for all the people. Music is also a large part of what makes Soho the place it is, with various old school record shops and small music venues, darted around the area. If you want to reside, work, or visit an area with vibrancy at its heart, then Soho is place that is worth visiting.

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