n14 waste disposal companies in southgateLiving in Southgate

Southgate is in the N14 area in north London, in the Borough of Enfield. It is north of Charing Cross in WC2, around 8 miles apart in distance. There are various places of interest to look out for in Southgate. The Southgate tube station is one of these, as well as the large green parts in the area, including Grovelands Park. There is also the famous Christ Church, which is situated in Waterfall Road and was built in 1862 by Sir Gilbert Scott. This building is made of stone, with some additional features which includes the tower and spire. The largest oak tree in England lies within the grounds, and perhaps also the oldest at around 800 years. You will also find the Walter Cricket Ground which dates back to 1859. There have been a number of famous faces to come from Southgate, including Rachel Stevens from S Club 7 and the late Amy Winehouse. Rachel Whiteread, a Turner Prize winning student, also came from Southgate. The area has definitely seen its fair share of talent over the years.

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