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Cheap builders waste clearance designed to fit around you

When it comes to builders waste collection in London, you need a certified company that is reliable, affordable and available when you need them. Our customers choose Handy Rubbish because that is exactly what we offer.

Our builders waste clearance has been designed to suit our customers' needs whatever they may be; in real terms this means we offer ultimate flexibility with regards to:

the services we provide

the payment methods we offer

the appointments we have available

We know that not every building team works the same way, so we work according to your needs, not ours. We offer top quality builders clearance solutions in London and guarantee you will be pleased with the result.

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A B2B service from the professionals

If, like many of our customers, you want the very best results, you need the help of professionals

  • Exposure to a range of projects and building environments, from minor home improvements to huge multi-million pound projects

  • Training in the full range of builders waste removal including bulky waste collection, hazardous materials disposal and much more

  • A full understanding of the builders waste collection regulations and requirements - to ensure the process is handled smoothly and efficiently

  • A customer focussed approach - when you hire our team, they work for you

  • All members of our team at Handy Rubbish are highly experienced and fully vetted before they begin working with us.

Great prices for great results

As a professional company in London we understand that you need to be mindful of costs to ensure your project doesn't overspend. When it comes to builders waste clearance we can help ensure that doesn't happen with:

The lowest price for builders waste removal in London

Free quote before we even get started to make sure you are happy

A wide range of offers and discounts for on-going and repeat custom

A variety of flexible payment schemes to make it easier to manage budgets

Builders waste removed on your schedule

We take pride in our service, and the work we do for our customers

We know that building projects can be very unpredictable, and it is not uncommon for building teams to face unexpected waste that needs to be removed quickly in order to start the next phase. This is why we offer:

  • Flexible appointment times

  • Short notice appointments

  • No additional charge for evening or weekend visits

  • Same day viewing and disposal for emergency builders waste clearance

  • Speedy builders waste disposal service

  • An easy booking system - just call 0161 302 0728 to tell us what you need

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For those who have worked on a building site, one of the most difficult things is to find space. No matter what it is that you are building, there is always junk and rubbish which will need to be removed. In order to deal with this properly, many people often waste too much time, which is not necessary. Instead of this, there is a far easier solution - hiring a professional builders waste clearance company. The numerous difficulties that you might experience could be avoided, all thanks to our specially designed builders waste clearance in London. But how exactly can Handy Rubbish help you? Find out more by reading on and calling 020 3540 8282.

Builders Waste Clearance in LondonA building site is often associated with a complete lack of available space. With deliveries being made on a daily basis and tools being used constantly, there is always a build up of waste that needs to be dealt with. When you build or renovate, you need space to do everything properly, and in this case builders waste clearance is essential. No matter how big your project is, junk removal is always one of the most important things to sort out when working on any kind of building site.

Find Out How Efficient Our Builders Waste Clearance Can Be

Choosing to hire a professional London builders waste clearance company to help with the clearance can often be the better option for you. Rather than dedicating time and effort to figuring out how to dispose of certain items, one call to our company can save you all the stress and make everything easier for you. When building, time is often limited and any chance to save a bit of time is important. That is why London builders waste clearance can be so useful. We can help you focus on important things about your project, while we handle the rubbish.

Call Now for Great Value Builders Waste Clearance Help in London

London Builders Waste ClearanceOf course for many people, value is also of great importance. Our expert builders waste clearance service in London is not only time-saving but also affordable. As such, for us it is essential to keep costs as low as possible at all times. No matter what it is that you need removed, our experts can deliver a top quality services at the lowest possible prices. Rather than looking any further or trying to do it yourself, simply give Handy Rubbish a call today on 020 3540 8282 and find out how much we can do to make your life so much easier.

We take pride in our service, and the work we do for our customers. On all our projects we provide:

  • Guaranteed results
  • A reliable service that you can always count on
  • A builders waste disposal service whenever you need it
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TestimonialsThey're great value for money for this type of work. I've hired them a few times now, most recently for builders waste collection. Their friendly, hard-working team saw to the speedy and efficient removal of my left-over building junk.

  • D. Ferdinand
  • 01Oct 2021

TestimonialsI booked them in for a waste removal service. They stuck to the prearranged time and date and carried out the clearance speedily and efficiently. I couldn't have asked for anything further from this company.

  • D. Becker
  • 18Sep 2021

TestimonialsI hired them for rubbish removal. You can imagine my surprise when they contacted me and let me know the pick up would take place in just a few hours.

  • Annie D.
  • 03Sep 2021

TestimonialsHiring them for builders waste collection was far easier and more convenient than hiring a skip. I really didn't want to have an unsightly skip parked outside my property for God knows how long. With this company available to carry out such a service, thankfully, I didn't need to.

  • Fabian S.
  • 12Aug 2021

TestimonialsI use this company for on-demand rubbish removal. They're always available when needed, always have teams operating in my area. I love the fact that they're always available to carry out clearances so quickly.

  • Donna H.
  • 03Aug 2021

TestimonialsI was more than happy with the house clearance service this team completed for me. They were fast, efficient, and had everything cleared and loaded into their van in record time. It was a clearance service of the highest order.

  • D. Bishop
  • 31Jul 2021

TestimonialsThe rubbish removal team hardly spent any time on my property. They'd removed everything in super-quick time and were on the way, carting all of my junk away, before I knew it.

  • D. Williams
  • 06Jul 2021

TestimonialsGetting my massive rubbish removal job sorted so quickly was an almighty relief. I was very happy with what this company was able to do for me.

  • Larry S.
  • 29Jun 2021

TestimonialsKudos to the rubbish removal team that came around and were able to carry out the collection so speedily and efficiently. I'm definitely going to utilise their services again when in need.

  • R. Phillips
  • 02Jun 2021

TestimonialsI was really impressed with the guys that showed up for my house clearance. They conducted themselves very professionally and completed a top clearance for me, seemingly in super-quick time.

  • Andy T.
  • 31May 2021

TestimonialsI required a full flat clearance. This company were able to help me out. They were just brilliant, firstly, being able to accommodate my needs so quickly, and secondly, because they did just what was needed for such a great price.

  • R. Price
  • 17May 2021

TestimonialsMy waste collection needs were handled without issue. I reached out to them online. They were responsive, got back to me pretty much immediately with a very reasonable quote. When it came time to carry out the service, my waste was collected quickly and efficiently. The service was without fault.

  • F. Purnell
  • 16May 2021

TestimonialsThe waste removal service was fast, efficient and they were a friendly, hard-working bunch of lads! I actually enjoyed their company for the extremely short time they were at my property!

  • P. Mack
  • 13May 2021

TestimonialsThe waste collection couldn't have been carried out any better. It was a brilliant service. Hiring them proved to be terrific value for money too.

  • Tina S.
  • 12May 2021

TestimonialsI'm so glad I hired them for waste clearance. I doubt another company would've been able to carry out a better job for a better price. They're a top company in my eyes. I'd happily recommend them and will certainly use them again if in need.

  • Mona D.
  • 27Apr 2021

TestimonialsThe rubbish removal team that showed up had been briefed. They arrived on time and didn't need instruction. I left them and returned ten minutes later to find that all of my junk had been cleared.

  • C. Compton
  • 23Apr 2021

TestimonialsThe loft clearance team worked quickly. They had my loft cleared in no time at all. It was actually impressive watching them at work. I didn't have to watch them for long, as they cleared everything in quick time.

  • D. Warner
  • 29Mar 2021

TestimonialsAfter doing gardening work, I hire them for garden waste collection. It's a quick and simple service, and it's cheap too. It's far easier getting them on board as opposed to hiring a skip or hiring the council for collection.

  • F. Brunt
  • 12Mar 2021

TestimonialsI no longer stress about getting rid of junk. I know that after placing a call to their waste removal team, everything will be collected and handled brilliantly.

  • Melanie H.
  • 03Feb 2021

TestimonialsThe loft clearance was completed swiftly. They had to move everything from a rather small hatch. They didn't scratch or damage anything, even when carrying everything down the stairs and out into their van.

  • O. Maxwell
  • 28Jan 2021

TestimonialsAs rubbish disposal services go, the one provided and completed for me by Handy Rubbish was pretty much perfect. It was just the service I wanted.

  • Josh E.
  • 07Jan 2021

TestimonialsI was getting rid of lots of different types of waste, including green waste and building junk. Handy Rubbish assured me they were the team for the waste disposal job when I reached out to them. They weren't wrong.

  • Gregg M.
  • 08Dec 2020

TestimonialsI thought hiring a full house clearance would cost an arm and a leg. But Handy Rubbish gave me a great quote. I was very happy that I was able to get all of my junk cleared for such a low price.

  • R. Overmars
  • 03Dec 2020

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish handled my massive house clearance brilliantly. There was a lot of furniture that needed collecting. Their expert team took care of it all without any issues. I thought all of my furniture would be tough to handle. They handled everything with ease.

  • Faye D.
  • 30Nov 2020

TestimonialsMy rubbish disposal needs were well taken care of in Handy Rubbish by their professionals. Having them on hand was a real help. I've already planned on using them again for another junk collection job on the horizon.

  • Haley H.
  • 15Nov 2020

TestimonialsI made use of their waste collection service and was very impressed with what transpired. It was easy to deal with Handy Rubbish from the get go and on collection day. They massively impressed.

  • I. Jonas
  • 08Oct 2020

TestimonialsMy flat clearance job was managed superbly by the experts from Handy Rubbish. They showed what they're all about. The reviews online regarding this company were all true.

  • Josh H.
  • 02Oct 2020

TestimonialsI want to thank Handy Rubbish for the speedy, professional house clearance service. The team that came to clear everything were very efficient. They seemed to be in a hurry, but thankfully, didn't do a slapdash job. It was a great service.

  • James Y.
  • 30Sep 2020

TestimonialsThe rubbish clearance carried out for me by the team from Handy Rubbish really helped me out. The speed at which they had everything cleared was an almighty surprise. I was very grateful for the speedy, professional service.

  • E. McGregor
  • 09Sep 2020

TestimonialsMy massive house clearance project would've certainly caused other companies problems. It would've been pricier with other companies too. Thankfully, I came across Handy Rubbish when I did.

  • Glenn T.
  • 02Sep 2020

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish was able to accommodate my needs in regards to my flat clearance. It was an urgently needed service. They didn't let me down. They arrived on time and cleared away everything in super-quick time.

  • E. David
  • 29Aug 2020

TestimonialsI thought my loft clearance job would be pretty tough to handle. Handy Rubbish assured me they'd have it covered. They weren't wrong. They removed everything from my loft quickly and easily without damaging anything. It was evident that they're experienced professionals.

  • Laura D.
  • 04Aug 2020

TestimonialsI regularly hire Handy Rubbish, and their rubbish disposal teams regularly impress. It's great that they have collection teams operating in my local area.

  • O. Jones
  • 21Jul 2020

TestimonialsTheir waste disposal services have come in real handy for me over the years. The fact that Handy Rubbish operates in the vicinity has saved me plenty of trips to my local junk disposal plant.

  • Norma H.
  • 09Jul 2020

TestimonialsMy house clearance job consisted of getting rid of lots of large items of furniture. Handy Rubbish handled it all brilliantly. They didn't damage anything when taking my unwanted furniture out of my house and had their van loaded up with my junk before I knew it.

  • Helena U.
  • 27Jun 2020

TestimonialsAmazingly, Handy Rubbish was able to come around on the same day and carry out my waste disposal job for me. It was a top job, a brilliant service. They did just what I needed when I needed it.

  • Faye J.
  • 02Jun 2020

TestimonialsGarden waste removal was handled quickly and professionally and with minimum fuss from the professionals at Handy Rubbish. I'm glad I took the time to do my research, am mightily glad I saw it fit to hire this company.

  • F. Burnett
  • 30May 2020

TestimonialsDue to the nature of my work, I regularly call upon this rubbish removal team. They're always available when needed and always carry out sterling work for me. I want to thank their brilliant team.

  • Sienna E.
  • 12May 2020

TestimonialsI thought about hiring a skip for builders waste collection. But after doing my research online and coming across Handy Rubbish, it just didn't make sense.

  • T. Dutton
  • 13Apr 2020

TestimonialsMy green, garden waste was cleared away quickly and professionally in just one quick session. Handy Rubbish and their garden waste removal team were mightily impressive. I'm certainly going to hire them again, should I ever need to.

  • Ewan S.
  • 01Apr 2020

TestimonialsRather than hiring the council for garden waste collection, I opted for the services of Handy Rubbish. They were cheap to hire and managed to collect everything, pretty much instantly. They're a responsive, reliable company.

  • Sadie R.
  • 24Mar 2020

TestimonialsThe garden waste removal team from Handy Rubbish were thorough in their approach. There were lots of bags of garden junk that needed collecting. Some of the garden waste spilled out. They took the time to clear everything, and they tidied up after themselves too. I was very impressed.

  • Randy E.
  • 12Mar 2020

TestimonialsGetting builders waste removal sorted was surprisingly cheap with Handy Rubbish. They did a top job for me, just when it was needed. I'd happily recommend this firm and will certainly keep them in mind for future jobs.

  • Dave U.
  • 27Feb 2020

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish handled my flat clearance superbly. The team arrived on time and were done and dusted with the clearance before I knew it. Not even the tiniest bit of junk was left behind.

  • T. Plotter
  • 16Feb 2020

TestimonialsGetting builders waste removal sorted was giving me a headache. I should've gone online earlier. Handy Rubbish made the process quick and easy for me. It was cheap to hire them too, which was just a bonus. I'd thoroughly recommend them.

  • Francois R.
  • 23Jan 2020

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish carried out builders waste collection on time and did a perfect job. It was a simple service just carried out very professionally. It was a relief finally being free from all of my building waste.

  • R. Frampton
  • 19Jan 2020

TestimonialsThe waste disposal service was just what was needed. Handy Rubbish provided a great service. They were able to accommodate my needs and were cheap to hire too. I'd recommend them to anyone and would certainly look to use them again.

  • Hamish S.
  • 10Dec 2019

TestimonialsAffordable and dependable builders waste clearance company in London, definitely will not use anyone other than Handy Rubbish for all such future jobs.

  • J. Condo
  • 08Oct 2019

TestimonialsGreat builders waste removal from this company! They were on time, which I was so happy about. They were in and out which I was even happier about.

  • J. Williams
  • 20Sep 2019

TestimonialsThe team from Handy Rubbish in East London was on time. They were very careful while providing builders waste clearance. They were gone very quickly.

  • Martin
  • 16Sep 2019

TestimonialsThe builders waste clearance job was done pretty quickly by Handy Rubbish in a London area. I am impressed.

  • Linda S.
  • 12Sep 2019

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish tackled my flat clearance needs the day after I reached out to them. I was very happy with the service. The clearance was prompt and speedy, not to mention cheap.

  • Georgina R.
  • 11Sep 2019

TestimonialsAs a builder who operates chiefly in Central London, I find it useful to make a solid alliance with any reputable company that I can find, and this is one such company. They offer exceptional builders waste clearance services at an affordable rate.

  • Tim Conner
  • 03Jul 2019

TestimonialsFast and hard-working builders waste clearance team arrived at the site and hauled the rubbish away. Will use Handy Rubbish again.

  • Georgette Zimmerman
  • 05Mar 2019

TestimonialsI hired Handy Rubbish for what I thought was a rather big house clearance. It didn't pose them any problems. They assured me they'd be able to handle it, and they weren't wrong. They did a terrific job for me. Kudos to their top team.

  • George T.
  • 11Feb 2019

TestimonialsGarden waste removal was easy to arrange with Handy Rubbish. I preferred getting in touch with them rather than hiring the council. That would've been a costly route. I'd recommend this company to anyone.

  • O. David
  • 12Jan 2019

TestimonialsLong story short, Handy Rubbish has the ultimate builders waste removal team in London, I'll always use them.

  • P. M. Jorgensen
  • 12Sep 2018

TestimonialsBooked them to come to the site and get rid of all of the garbage. Handy Rubbish's builders waste clearance crew was then called, and before you knew it the site was free, and the area was so tidy!

  • L. Bartlett
  • 16May 2018

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish does the absolute, most precise builders waste clearance in London. Heartily encourage you to try them out!

  • Becky Watts
  • 31Oct 2017

TestimonialsNicest and most professional builders waste collection firm! Handy Rubbish is top in my book! Always good service.

  • Gary Wise
  • 03May 2017


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