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Our mission

Getting rid of the junk is what we do, but our mission is to help the environment and make recycling easier for all people. Clutter is suffocating our life and we believe in simple living – no need of old furniture or useless stuff to be in your way of conquering the world. Make space for the beautiful things in life and let us get rid of the rubbish.

Our values

Our values

Reuse, reduce, recycle. In order to have a legacy, we should first have a clean place to live. This is why we strive to make rubbish removals as easy as a children’s game and we will therefore have a cleaner planet. All of your waste is collected and then disposed so that it can be reused and serve its way by not polluting the planet any more.

Our vision

No one needs rubbish in their life – literally and metaphorically. We help with the actual one, so that your space can be as clean and comfortable as you wish. We help you do that by giving you flexible quotes for all budgets. Just ask us for your special discount, offer or service packages.

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