Rubbish Terms & Conditions

The following conditions here state the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of all parties involved in this Agreement. In places where the words 'you' or 'your' appear, they refer to the Customer: 'we', 'us' or 'our' signifies the Waste Removers. The present terms and conditions can be changed and/or amended subject to prior written notice. Your attention is drawn to our cancellation policy described in Clause 6, which restrict our liability.

1. Introduction- Our Role:

1.1 Please check that the details in these Terms and on the Order Confirmation are complete and accurate before you commit yourself to the contract.
If you think that there is a mistake, please make sure that you ask us to confirm any changes in writing, as we only accept responsibility for statements and representations made in writing.
We reserve the right to subcontract any
or all services. Handy Rubbish is a trading name of AM TEAM LTD, Reg No. 12218088

2. Services:
Listed are the services provided and what they include:

2.1 Garden Waste Removal includes garden furniture and equipment, bushes and branches, wood waste, cut flowers, leaves, weeds, dead plants, hedge trimmings, garden pruning, etc.
2.2 House Clearance includes any household items and furniture. (Please note, that there are additional charges for disposing of hot water tanks/fridge freezers/ other white appliance goods.)
2.3 Office Clearance includes stationary, room and screen dividers, lever arch folders, boardroom and meeting desks, office seating, chairs, sofas, freestanding or corner desks, electrical waste, scrap paper, boxes, office furniture, etc. (Please note, that there are additional charges for TV’s or Monitors, due to
environmental regulations.)
2.4 Builders Waste includes
wet wood, concrete, plasterboard, soil, rubble, tiles, etc. (Please note, that this is heavy rubbish so it can be little in volume, yet much more in weight. There may be additional charges depending on the weight of the rubble.)
2.5 Household Rubbish must be already secured in bags prior to collection. (Please note, that we cannot be held responsible for stains or dirt caused by leaking or dirty bags)
2.6 Furniture Disposal-armchairs, sofas, tables, mattresses, carpets, cubicles, filling cabinets, armouries, desks, bookcases, sofa beds, tool units.
2.7 Loft Clearance- Includes any furniture, white goods, boxes, etc. Please note, this time of removal may
take additional time, since the access is tight/limited.
2.8 Garage Clearance-tool units, recycled goods.
2.9 Waste Removal- disposal of any other kind of unwanted items. (Subject to 2.10 and 2.11)

2.10 We reserve the right to refuse collection of items, which may endanger the health and wellbeing of the team performing the service. This includes items which are rusted, covered in ooze, filthy, etc. This also includes hazardous chemicals of any type.
2.11 Waste of any sort must be prepared in bins/bags/containers and ready for disposal upon arriving of the teams.

3. Booking & Confirmation:

3.1. Our quote, unless stated otherwise, excludes insurance, inspections, fees for parking or any other charges or taxes owed to government bodies.
3.2 All services are priced based the volume and/or weight of the rubbish to be disposed of.
3.3 We aim to arrive on time; however, our project arrival times for jobs are only estimates; we regret that we can offer no discounts. Should the team arrive later than the estimated time no discounts will be offered.
3.4 In the case that unforeseen circumstances occur, which were not taken into account upon preparation of the quote, prices may be subject to change, and or additional charges may be added on. These circumstances may include:
3.4.1. Service taking place on a Saturday, Sunday or on a Public Holiday or out of normal working hours (8 AM – 6 PM).
3.4.2 If you provide us with incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information or instructions, we may make an additional charge of a reasonable sum to cover any extra work that is required, or may cancel the Order.
3.5 Debit or credit card details are to be collected at the time of booking, in order to secure a slot for the service to be provided.
3.6 Please note that it is your responsibility to make parking arrangements. You may need to contact your district council to request a parking permit, or suspension. Any parking fees or fines, accrued during the time of the service provided, are to be paid by the customer. 
3.7 It is your responsibility to send in a picture of the rubbish to be removed. Jobs booked in without a picture may result in a price increase.
3.8 Quotes provided over the phone are estimates only and are subject to change. A firm quotation will be provided on site, upon arrival of the team.

4. Pricing:

4.1 Minimum charges:
4.1.1 Minimum Load including 2 men, up to 150 kilograms, or 8 bin bags, taking up to 10 minutes of labour is priced at £80.
4.1.2 Quarter Load including 2 men, up to 250 kilograms, 20 bin bags, taking up to 20 minutes of labour is priced at £110.
4.1.3 A third Load including 2 men, up to 400 kilograms, 30 bin bags, taking up to 30 minutes of labour is priced at £150.
4.1.4 Half Load including 2 men, up to 600 kilograms, 40 bin bags, taking up to 40 minutes of labour is priced at £200.
4.1.5 Three Fourth Load including 2 men, up to 800 kilograms, 50 bin bags, taking up to 50 minutes of labour is priced at £260.
4.1.6 Full Load including 2 men, up to 1100 kilograms, 80 bin bags, taking up to 60 minutes of labour is priced at £330.

4.2 An additional surcharge of £10 will apply for all appointments/jobs taking place after working hours, (after 6:00 PM) or weekends. This is a one time, static charge, not per hour.
4.3 An additional congestion charge of £11.5, may apply in cases where the team/s have to travel through a congestion zone.
4.4 An additional 20% surcharge
may be added to appointment/jobs taking place on holidays.
4.5 If the pick up address is located more than 5 miles outside of the M25, an additional surcharge of £50-£75 will be added.
4.6 An additional charge of £20 may be added if the rubbish is subject to point 2.4. of these Terms and Conditions.

4.6 Additionalitem charges:

Additional charges for other items to be removed are as follows:
- £20 per single mattress
- £30 per double mattress
- £40 per under counter fridge or freezer
- £50 per upright fridge or freezer (domestic type)
- £60 per American style fridge/freezer
- £100 per Commercial Fridge or Freezer
- £10 per 10 minutes of extra labour, if we exceed the allocated time labour time
- £10 stairs charge per floor if we go above or below ground floor to collect and there is no lift available
- £3 Paint per litre
- £15 per TV or Monitor

4.7 Payment:

4.7.1 Acceptable type of payment- Cash payment (See 4.6 for details) Bank Transfers (See 4.6 for details) Credit/Debit Cards (See 4.7 for details)

4.8 Invoice will be issued within a period of seven days after the payment has been received. Please note all payments are to be made according to the details listed on the invoice.
4.9 Cash payments
4.9.1. Payments in cash are accepted after the completion of the work, and will be collected by the team on site.
4.9.2 Payments in cash may be put in to an envelope or other sort of container and left at a specified location inside of the property, or may be left with a contact person present at the site where the work is being undertaken. The company staff/subcontractors must be informed of all of the necessary details regarding this.
4.9.3 Payments in cash may be left at a specified location, other than at the site where the work is being undertaken, in situations where the keys for the property are to be picked up/delivered back to a different address.
4.9.4 In the case that our teams have to travel a distance further than 3 miles to pick up or drop off the keys of the property, an additional charge will be added based on the distance to be travelled for key pick up/drop off.
4.9.5We reserve the right to charge financial interest as per the indication on the invoice connected with the service(s) carried out and compensation for debt recovery charges under the Late Payment legislation if the payment is not received in accordance to the agreed payment terms.

4.10 Bank transfer payments

4.10.1 All necessary bank account data required in order to implement the payment is provided by the company’s staff via an email, which contains an invoice. Invoice includes sub contractors details. If these terms of payment are not met, our company maintains the right to cancel the service being carried out.
4.10.2 Bank transfer payments from individual and corporate clients are only acceptable if made upfront. 50% of the payment must be made prior to the beginning of the service, and the rest of the payment is expected and must be made during or after completion of the service. We reserve the right to process a payment from the card details provided by the client during the process of organising the service(s).
4.10.3 Services valuing £300.00 or more, payable by bank transfer and connected with corporate clients, agencies and any type of business registered entities are to be secured with a deposit of 50% of the total service value, to be paid at least 2 days before the service commences. Second half of the payment is due upon completion of the job.
4.10.4 All of the bank information needed for the payment is provided by the company staff via email, including the invoice. Should these terms not be met, our company maintains the right to cancel the service(s).
4.10.5 In situations where either the cash or bank transfer payment is not made in correspondence with the previously mentioned conditions (Point 4.7.1, 4.7.2, 4.7.3,4.7.4,and I.5 from our Payment terms and conditions), our company retains the right to make a payment from the card details provided by the customer during the process of organising the service.

4.11 Card payments

4.11.1 Card details linked with services provided for private customers, corporate customers, agencies and other types of business registered entities are provided upon the act of organising a booking for the services. These details serve as a security measure in relation to last minute cancellations in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, as well as for sorting payments if such payment method is agreed during the act of the arranging the booking.
4.11.2 The card details given by the client are used for processing the cost of the relevant service, inclusive of a transaction charge. A transaction fee of 2% may be applied when paying by credit card. This is in addition to the quoted amount for the service(s) provided.
4.11.3 In cases where card payment fails, customer is promptly informed by the company. If no action is taken by the client so as to address the issue, an invoice is sent to the client via email. The payment is expected to be received within 3business days.

5. Your Responsibility:

5.1 You should obtain at your own expense, all of the necessary documents, permits, permissions, licences, customs documents which are necessary for the removal.
5.2 You are to be present or represented at the time of the collection of the removal items.
5.3 Take all of the reasonable steps to ensure that nothing is left behind and/or nothing is loaded for removal by mistake, when it should or should not be disposed.
5.4 Arrange the proper protection for the goods left in an unoccupied or unattended property, or where other people, such as (but not limited to) tenants or workmen are, or will be present.

6. Re-Schedule/ Cancellation:

6.1 In case you decide to re-schedule/cancel the service you will be charged according to the amount of notice given. Business days refer to a normal five day work week, meaning Monday to Friday and do not include weekends and Public Holidays.
6.2 In case you decide to cancel the appointment less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, a fee of £50 will apply without further notice.
6.3 We reserve the right to charge £25 in case the appointment needs to be rescheduled in a short notice (less than 24 hours prior to the job).
6.4 Cancellations can only be made over the phone or e-mail. Voicemails are not a valid option for re-schedulling and/or cancellations.

7. Liability (Exclusion of liability):

7.1 As described in (Intro)
7.2 Restricted to Subcontractors
7.3 Cannot be held liable for additionally accrued fees from third parties, during the time of appointment.
7.4  No refunds will be made in regards to lateness of teams.
7.5 If customer decides to help the team we are not liable for his health and safety, nor any discounts or refunds will be made.

8. Claims:

8.1 Claims- to be made within a 24 hours period after the completion of the job. All claims must be made in writing, to the office/ customer representative. All claims are to be supported with pictures, sent in an e-mail.
8.2 Claims must also be made to the teams upon completion of the job.
8.3 Claims made later than the aforementioned period will be dismissed.
8.4 In the case that the customer fails to provide a picture, we will only take the amount for which we have made the booking unless we have the availability to take on more rubbish.

9. Our right to subcontract the services:

9.1 We reserve the right to sub-contract some or all of the work to be carried out.
9.2 Should we sub-contract any or some of the work, these conditions will still apply.

10. GDPR & Your Data Protection:

10.1 All of your data collected during the process of your quotation or/and during the chosen service will be stored safely and securely and will not be shared with anyone.
10.2. We will not use your email address to send you any advertising emails or promotions unless you have subscribed to our form.
10.3 You can at anytime request to unsubscribe and therefore will not receive any emails from us once you have unsubscribed.
10.4 You will continue receiving important emails such as quotations, amended quotation, confirmation and amended confirmation as well.
10.5 Your data will be stored for 36 months and will be automatically deleted once the period of time has passed unless you have chosen to use our services once again during that time.
10.6 You can at any time request to obtain the data that we have stored for yourself and we shall present it to you in 15 business days.
10.7 You can contact us at any time to request additional information or to file a complaint regarding your data.

11. Handy Rubbish is a trading name of AM TEAM LTD, Reg No. 12218088

All Services are subject to HandyRubbish Terms & Conditions.

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