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If you have ever looked around the house and realise just how much space is taken up by the junk and the rubbish in your home or even the office, then it might well be the junk removal from Handy Rubbish is the perfect solution for you. The service is hugely flexible and make sure that anything was taken away in the correct and proper manner and we applaud huge amount of space in any location. No matter what it is that you need cleared the help of a proper junk removal services in London can ensure that you get the clearance you really require. As the very best provider of cleaning services, we know what it takes to deliver great offers clearance, garden clearance, furniture clearance and the property clearance, or indeed, any manner of junk removal. If you are thinking of whether removing the junk from your property can help you, find out what we offer every single customer by calling 020 3540 8282 today.

Need a loft clearance? Why you should make us your first choice!

Our talented removal experts will clear out your attic, with pleasure.

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Need a loft clearance? Why you should make us your first choice!

Book Cheap Junk Removal Service in London

Junk Removal LondonOur experience is one of the major selling points of our London junk removal company. While some people might struggle by shifting waste, we want to make sure that all junk removal is handled in the best possible fashion. Having spent such a long time working in every trick and every tip in the industry, we are fully aware of what it takes to move any kind of object or any kind of item. No matter what it is that you need clearing, our experience is the key. We not only know how to remove any item, we also know how to dispose of it in the correct manner. With many regulations and rules existing, it is absolutely essential your junk clearance is handled correctly and as such junk clearance services promise to deliver the very best solution to getting rid of any unwanted junk.

Let Our Junk Removal Experts Help Remove Your Junk Safely

Rather than wasting time trying to shift something without success, discover how having the right equipment to make all the difference. With the aid of our junk removal in London you not only get the full benefit of our experience, but you also get the full benefit of our complete range of dedicated clearance equipment. Having the right tools to get the job done is often essential and is what we used to deliver the very best results. With such a broad range of items which need clearing, our equipment covers every possible eventuality and with one phone call you can quickly discover a flexible and useful our equipment really is. Rather than sitting about debating what is the best way to remove something and whether you have to do is to get the job done, simply call us up and in no time at all for the be able to help you.

Receive Excellent Quality London Junk Removal Services

Junk Removal LondonMany people, though, the real key to a great service is price and that is why Handy Rubbish are aiming to deliver tremendous value for money. Full benefit of our experience and our equipment, your rubbish removed and your London junk removal is often the best hands and is these hands the make sure we are all driving down the cost. With our help you can find amazing value for money across a broad range of services. Rather than settling for a high price low quality solutions or even struggling to get the job done yourself, all it takes is one phone call to our company and junk removal is right back on the table for a great price. Never worry about clutter in your home again and never worry about the cost of really excellent house, flat, office, property, garden or whatever junk removal. Just give 020 3540 8282 a call today.


TestimonialsFabulous! These are some pretty diligent junk removal guys. My home is now without all of that unnecessary clutter thank you!

  • Frank Bissett
  • 08Oct 2019

TestimonialsVery friendly and respectful with their junk removal services.

  • Mike
  • 20Sep 2019

TestimonialsThese guys are the best when it comes to handling my junk removal needs.

  • Alex Fisher
  • 17Sep 2019

TestimonialsNice cheerful folks from Handy Rubbish picked up what they needed to for my junk removal. Good service!

  • Heidi
  • 16Sep 2019

TestimonialsThe drivers from Handy Rubbish arrived at the correct time. They were very careful during the junk removal service and did not rush the process.

  • Jackson T.
  • 12Sep 2019

TestimonialsWe had a problem with all of the rubbish in the back lot. I couldn't do it myself and was definitely not going to try. It's because of this that we booked Handy Rubbish to take care of it. They did exceptional work!

  • Martin Vaughn
  • 18Jun 2019

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish came, conquered the mess, and left. Affordable rates for junk collection as well.

  • Sarah M.
  • 12Sep 2018

TestimonialsWhat a great bunch of guys! Wasted no time and got right on with the junk collection. Handy Rubbish's prices were right on as well. Best in the area; for my money.

  • Claudia S.
  • 25Apr 2018

TestimonialsGreat junk removal guys. Handy Rubbish came to clear up some clutter at my flat in Central London and left it all neat.

  • Elsa Gibbs
  • 20Sep 2017

TestimonialsHigh-quality junk removal service arrived at my home and proceeded to do what they were booked to do. Will use Handy Rubbish again.

  • Bill W.
  • 21Jun 2017
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