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  • Free up some space at your home
  • Responsible furniture collectors
  • Enviroment-friendly disposal of unwanted items
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  • Declutter your home the right way
  • Competitive prices
  • Available 7 days a week
Builders Waste
  • Polite waste removal specialists
  • Efficient, time-saving service
  • Safety disposal of builders waste


We remove materials from anywhere in your property, we charge according to the amount and type of
junk we take, and we always provide a no-obligation quote before we start.

We Take All Type of Junk from Your Property

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Rubbish won’t come in handy,
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What do we remove?
You no longer have to worry about picking up and disposing of your furniture. With our eco friendly, safe and efficient furniture removal service, you won’t have to lift a finger.

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Renovation rubbish
  • Others
Rubbish won’t come in handy, but we will!

Get rid of unwanted items - Our Rubbish Removal Experts are here to Help You

We Come to You!

Rather than having to drive around with all of the rubbish in your car or to even contemplate hiring a van, we make everything simple by arriving at your home. With our help you can discover the benefit of a service which is focused on helping the customer when they need it. If you are in need of domestic clearance, for example, we come to you and make sure that you get the exact services which you really need. To find out more and for a free quote, call us on 020 3540 8282.
We Come to YouAt your convenience

Rather than desperately trying to find the right time to get everything done, we want to make sure that you get clearance services at your convenience. Thanks to our expertise and our commitment to top quality customer services, you can discover today what it means to get a truly great house clearance or office clearance without having to worry too much about the smaller details. We work to your schedule so that you don’t have to worry about sorting everything out on your own. Simply give us a call today and see what works best for you.

There's nothing we can't deal with

There's nothing we can't deal withThe nature of any clearance company means that you quickly become an expert at dealing with any kind of problem. No matter what it is that you need to be removed, we are here to make sure that it is performed in the correct manner. If you are worried in any way about how to go about disposing of an item, then all it could take is placing one call to our clearance company to find out just how easy it can be to get rid of. No job is too small and none too big: we simply help you get rid of unwanted items.

Competitive prices (free quote)

For many people, the most important thing is always price and we work hard to deliver the very best value for money. There is no longer any need to worry about the best way in which to go about hiring office clearance services or furniture clearance: no matter what it is, we can make sure that you get the results which you really need and the solutions which really suit your need. To find out more about what we offer, call us today.

Eco-friendly rubbish disposal

Eco-friendly rubbish disposalThese days, clearance is not simply about getting rid of an item but doing it in the right manner. That means that all of our services take an eco friendly approach which delivers green solutions to suit you.

Attention to detail

Handy Rubbish are focused on delivering the very best service and that means attention to details. We have spent a huge amount of time learning how to deal with every single clearance. To find out more about how we can help you with absolutely everything, get in touch with 020 3540 8282 today.


TestimonialsThe builders waste collection was carried out and completed for a great price. I couldn't believe it when they gave me a quote for the job and even more so when they stuck to it!

  • Nadia H.
  • 15Sep 2021

TestimonialsIt was an excellent rubbish disposal service. The team that helped were very prompt and efficient. Everything that needed to be done was completed in good time. I can't recommend this firm highly enough.

  • William D.
  • 10Sep 2021

TestimonialsThe flat clearance I hired them for couldn't have gone any better. I thanked them and patted myself on the back for seeing it fit to hire such a company.

  • T. McNally
  • 08Sep 2021

TestimonialsI got Handy Rubbish to carry out a complete house clearance for me. It was a thorough job. I loved their approach to the task. The team they sent over arrived on time and completed just what was needed.

  • S. Greening
  • 04Sep 2021

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish took care of garden waste collection for me in a professional, efficient manner. There was no green waste, not even a stray leaf, left by the time they were done.

  • Donny J.
  • 01Sep 2021

TestimonialsThe waste collection Handy Rubbish carried out was speedy, prompt and professional. It was just what I required. They were cheap to hire. Everything was carried out with minimum fuss. It was nice and easy dealing with this firm.

  • R. Brolin
  • 31Aug 2021

TestimonialsGetting builders waste removal sorted wasn't the almighty headache I thought it'd be. Luckily, I took the time to do my research. I contacted Handy Rubbish, and their brilliant team were able to accommodate my needs.

  • D. Burrows
  • 05Jul 2021

TestimonialsIt was a relief finally being able to wave goodbye to my unwanted furniture. I want to thank this rubbish removal company for taking care of everything so quickly. It really was a fantastic service.

  • G. McNeil
  • 27Jun 2021

TestimonialsI want to thank their friendly, hard-working team of rubbish removal men. They did a top job for me. I was expecting them to take some time to remove everything. But they made light work of it all, even my bulky, heavy, unwanted furniture.

  • R. Gutch
  • 16Jun 2021

TestimonialsThe rubbish clearance guys did a top job for me. They worked solidly throughout the time they were there. Everything was done and dusted before I knew it.

  • D. Carter
  • 15Jun 2021

TestimonialsThankfully, Handy Rubbish was able to meet my waste clearance needs. They came when required and carted everything away for a great price. It was a great collection service and just what was needed.

  • Josh S.
  • 02Jun 2021

TestimonialsThis waste removal company accommodated my needs when needed. I want to thank them massively for that.

  • Penny S.
  • 31May 2021

TestimonialsThe house clearance team Handy Rubbish removed all of the rubbish quickly, safely and professionally. They took care whilst working in the house and were driving everything away before I knew it.

  • Zoe M.
  • 31May 2021

TestimonialsThey're an excellent waste removal team. I thank my lucky stars that they have teams operating!

  • S. Carmichael
  • 29May 2021

TestimonialsThey responded to my request for a quote for a rubbish removal job I needed doing pretty much right away. I was impressed with their responsiveness. I liked the quote given, so I hired them. They did a very professional job for me on the day.

  • D. Gretton
  • 29May 2021

TestimonialsI want to thank this company for the same day rescue. That's essentially what it was after they completed the top waste disposal service for me the other day. I desperately wanted to be rid of all of that junk. Their same day service and hard work made it possible.

  • D. McGill
  • 27May 2021

TestimonialsTheir flat clearance team handled the massive load of junk I was chucking away superbly. It was all taken care of quickly, professionally, cheaply and with minimum fuss. They provided just the service I was hoping for.

  • Tara M.
  • 27May 2021

TestimonialsI was expecting to have to shell out massive amounts to get the builders waste collection sorted. I thought hiring a skip was my only option. Then I was pointed in the direction of this company. I was thrilled when they said they'd be able to get everything cleared and collected the next day for what I deemed to be a steal of a price.

  • O. Becker
  • 27May 2021

TestimonialsI thought getting my rubbish clearance job sorted would cost an arm and a leg. I shopped around for the right company. Handy Rubbish came up trumps for me. They gave me a great quote, which they stuck to, and did everything they said they would on the day.

  • Josh H.
  • 27May 2021

TestimonialsI couldn't have asked for a better house clearance service. Within an hour, they had everything loaded up and were driving everything away from my house.

  • S. Carter
  • 26May 2021

TestimonialsIn my book, they're the best in the business when it comes to rubbish clearance jobs. I've hired them for all manner of clearances. The job's always the same, is always completed quickly and professionally.

  • F. Davidson
  • 25May 2021

TestimonialsI didn't know how to get rid of some large items of furniture. I couldn't dismantle everything and take it to the local disposal plant. So, I hired this rubbish removal company instead. Organising and getting things sorted with them was just so simple. They're a very professional company.

  • E. Woodward
  • 25May 2021

TestimonialsI've hired them for rubbish removal a couple of times now. Regardless of who they send, their teams have done just what's required. They did a mightily fine job for me. I'd thoroughly recommend hiring their services to anyone in need.

  • C. Chapman
  • 18May 2021

TestimonialsAfter what their flat clearance team did for me, I'd thoroughly recommend Handy Rubbish, would hire them again in a heartbeat when required.

  • Tina H.
  • 17May 2021

TestimonialsI rate their excellent rubbish removal team incredibly highly. They carried out a great service for me. They're just good people, a great, highly professional company to deal with.

  • Ewan S.
  • 13May 2021

TestimonialsThankfully, I was able to get a quick booking with this rubbish disposal firm. They were able to complete my job the very next day. I hired them, agreed to the very reasonable quote, and the next day, I received a top service.

  • G. Jamieson
  • 13May 2021

TestimonialsI want to thank this rubbish removal firm for handling my clearance needs so speedily and efficiently. Based on the service I received, I'd recommend hiring this company to anybody.

  • Trisha H.
  • 13May 2021

TestimonialsAs house clearance services go, what they did for me was out of the top drawer! There was a lot that needed to be cleared, but their experts made light work of it all, did a very professional job.

  • Nelly H.
  • 12May 2021

TestimonialsI got them on board to carry out my house clearance job. It was quick and simple dealing with this company. They came over the next day and eliminated all remnants of junk from my property in just one quick and efficient session.

  • F. Dunfries
  • 12May 2021

TestimonialsI kept getting told that sorting out a builders waste collection service would be pricy. It would've been had I hired a skip or another junk removal firm. But thankfully, I had the sense to hire Handy Rubbish. I got all of my building waste collected for a great price.

  • David N.
  • 12May 2021

TestimonialsIn no time at all, Handy Rubbish had all of the junk cleared out of my property. The house clearance team worked quickly and professionally, removing absolutely everything asked of them in super-quick time.

  • George M.
  • 12May 2021

TestimonialsI thought I was going to have to hire a skip for the builders waste disposal. I really didn't want to. So, I turned my attention online to find alternatives. I came across this company. They gave me a great quote, were able to come around quickly, and they couldn't have done a better job for me on the day.

  • R. Livingstone
  • 11May 2021

TestimonialsAmazingly, Handy Rubbish completed my full house clearance in no time at all. They seemed to be in a hurry! Nevertheless, everything was removed, and they didn't scratch the walls or damage anything in the process.

  • O. Johnson
  • 11May 2021

TestimonialsI can't thank Handy Rubbish, and specifically their loft clearance professionals, enough! The rather big task I set them was completed very professionally, to a high standard. I was bidding good riddance to all of the junk that'd been cluttering up my loft in no time at all.

  • K. Watkins
  • 09May 2021

TestimonialsI needed to get rid of a load of different types of waste. This rubbish removal firm said they could collect and dispose of everything responsibly. I put their team on the job, and they didn't let me down.

  • Sarah S.
  • 06May 2021

TestimonialsThe waste disposal team that showed up at my house from Handy Rubbish impressed me with the way they went about things. They had everything cleared away in no time at all.

  • J. Griffiths
  • 06May 2021

TestimonialsGreat communication from the top loft clearance team that were hard at work in my property. They did an excellent job removing everything required from what was a pretty small and challenging space. I want to thank their professionals.

  • I. Humphries
  • 05May 2021

TestimonialsIt was excellent work by their house clearance team. They dealt with everything quickly and professionally. After experiencing what this company is all about, I'd recommend hiring them to anybody and will certainly consider hiring them again if and when in need.

  • T. Ryder
  • 05May 2021

TestimonialsThe team they put on my flat clearance did remarkably well. They were a two-man team and they were clearing out a lot. They didn't grumble once, simply got on with it, not stopping until everything had been loaded up into their van.

  • D. Sutcliffe
  • 05May 2021

TestimonialsI was able to get my waste removal needs to be met by Handy Rubbish for a great price. Considering what I was chucking away, I thought it'd cost a lot more than it did. I was pleasantly surprised, firstly with the quote given, and secondly because they stuck to it.

  • Ewan H.
  • 05May 2021

TestimonialsIt was impressive watching their rubbish disposal team at work. They had the bulk of the load cleared in quick time. Everything had been removed from my property within twenty minutes. It's well worth hiring them for any type of disposal or collection job.

  • F. Sampson
  • 04May 2021

TestimonialsI hired them for waste removal and was thrilled with what transpired. I desperately wanted to be rid of all of that waste. They came up trumps for me, provided the speedy and professional service I desperately wanted.

  • Reina M.
  • 04May 2021

TestimonialsI want to thank their flat clearance team for the speedy and efficient job they did for me the other week. It was a pleasure having them work in the flat for the brief time they were there. They did a thorough job which was much appreciated.

  • F. Orton
  • 04May 2021

TestimonialsI'd recommend hiring Handy Rubbish for garden waste removal to anyone who wants to get rid of green waste. They did a top job removing a lot of garden waste for me. They removed absolutely everything and didn't create a mess in the process.

  • Lance H.
  • 04May 2021

TestimonialsI regularly hire them for rubbish clearance purposes. Whoever they send out always ends up impressing. They have a team of hard workers who are consistently brilliant.

  • Tina H.
  • 02May 2021

TestimonialsThe rubbish removal quote they gave me for my job was low and very reasonable, especially considering what I was chucking away and the urgency of the service.

  • Melanie H.
  • 30Apr 2021

TestimonialsI wanted to save cash on bulky rubbish disposal. I did my research and decided to hire this firm for the job. The quote they gave me seemed ridiculously low. But the service was perfect. I didn't encounter any issues dealing with this company.

  • R. Dunfries
  • 28Apr 2021

TestimonialsI wanted to free up some space in my loft. That meant getting rid of a vast amount of junk. I put the task in their capable hands. The loft clearance was carried out the very next day. They got it junk-free in no time at all.

  • Kandice H.
  • 27Apr 2021

TestimonialsGetting builders waste clearance sorted wasn't the almighty hassle I anticipated it being. That's largely thanks to the expertise and brilliance of Handy Rubbish.

  • O. Hampton
  • 27Apr 2021

TestimonialsThe waste disposal team that showed up worked quickly in what were pretty tough conditions. They didn't grumble once and were driving away all of my junk before I knew it.

  • E. Arteta
  • 25Apr 2021

TestimonialsI desperately needed a professional firm to carry out my house clearance. This company came to the rescue. They came over the next day and had everything removed, including some large items of furniture, incredibly quickly.

  • O. Lomas
  • 25Apr 2021

TestimonialsThis rubbish clearance firm was able to help me out, accommodate my needs when I desperately needed them. Handy Rubbish came to help me out on the same day and for a great price. They were transparent and professional to deal with.

  • D. Scott
  • 25Apr 2021

TestimonialsThe way their flat clearance professionals went about things was mightily impressive. They removed everything, even my large items of furniture, with ease.

  • S. Williams
  • 22Apr 2021

TestimonialsThe speedy, efficient, friendly and cost-effective rubbish removal service was just what I needed. I want to thank this firm for coming to my aid when I desperately wished for their professional help.

  • D. Jackson
  • 21Apr 2021

TestimonialsI enquired about a loft clearance service. They were very responsive, got back to me right away with a very reasonable quote. They proceeded to do a brilliant job for me on the day.

  • Jim H.
  • 21Apr 2021

TestimonialsI relied on their flat clearance team to help me out with a rather big job. They didn't let me down. They really impressed me. The junk was removed quickly and efficiently. I have no complaints.

  • D. Lawrence
  • 21Apr 2021

TestimonialsTheir rubbish removal team had everything loaded up into their van super-quickly. In my opinion, hiring Handy Rubbish is the fastest, most efficient way to get rid of rubbish.

  • Lee J
  • 21Apr 2021

TestimonialsThe loft clearance job was carried out to perfection. I was worried about the possible scratching of walls, or damage in my loft. Nothing of the sort happened. I had no reason to doubt them.

  • S. Bale
  • 20Apr 2021

TestimonialsThe garden waste disposal service took place on time. There was bags and bags of green waste. They managed to load everything up into their van with little trouble.

  • C. Peters
  • 20Apr 2021

TestimonialsI moved into a new place. A lot of junk was leftover. I got Handy Rubbish to carry out the house clearance. I couldn't have asked for a better team to do a better job. It was swiftly and professionally managed. After witnessing what they're all about, I'd recommend this company to anyone.

  • Abigail J.
  • 19Apr 2021

TestimonialsThe house clearance job I set them was tough. Handy Rubbish assured me they'd be able to handle it, and they weren't wrong. They got everything cleared away in no time at all.

  • F. Breslin
  • 18Apr 2021

TestimonialsTheir house clearance team were hard at work from the moment they arrived. I have nothing but praise for their team of professionals.

  • E. Smith
  • 13Apr 2021

TestimonialsThe team from Handy Rubbish arrived on time. They set eyes on the massive load I needed shifting, but they didn't find it daunting. Their house clearance team removed everything during a crazy half an hour. I'm very thankful for the speed and efficiency of it all.

  • O. Halland
  • 13Apr 2021

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish took care of my waste collection on time. Remarkably, considering the massive load I needed taking away, they were able to load everything into their van in just one, quick session.

  • Jimmy H.
  • 13Apr 2021

TestimonialsThe full house clearance was carried out superbly. They arrived on time. I simply left them to it. They had everything cleared away in no time at all.

  • I. Rutherford
  • 12Apr 2021

TestimonialsI hired Handy Rubbish for waste removal purposes. I couldn't have been happier with my dealings with this company, what transpired, especially on junk removal day. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

  • Faye H.
  • 12Apr 2021

TestimonialsTheir rubbish disposal guys did just what was needed, in quick time and cheaply too. I couldn't have asked for anything more from this company.

  • Laura J.
  • 10Apr 2021

TestimonialsI didn't want to get my council on my garden waste collection job. I knew that'd be expensive. I chose the cheaper, far more efficient, not to mention quicker, alternative. I hired this company and was able to get the job sorted pretty much right away.

  • F. Humphries
  • 10Apr 2021

TestimonialsThis rubbish removal team sent to work on my job arrived promptly and completed what I thought was a rather sizable clearance in good time. They removed absolutely everything. It was as though no rubbish had even been there!

  • T. Woodgate
  • 07Apr 2021

TestimonialsTheir rubbish removal team arrived on time and got to work right away. They didn't dilly dally and could be trusted to carry out everything asked of them. They didn't need supervision. They worked solidly during the half an hour they were on my property and managed to clear away everything super-quickly.

  • R. Johnston
  • 07Apr 2021

TestimonialsTheir house clearance team arrived on time and threw themselves into the job. Handy Rubbish had everything cleared in no time, speedily and efficiently.

  • S. Baily
  • 07Apr 2021

TestimonialsIt felt like robbery hiring their rubbish clearance team for such a low price! Not that I complained, of course!

  • U. Larson
  • 06Apr 2021

TestimonialsTheir approach to the house clearance was that of seasoned professionals. I blinked and the job was over, I was waving goodbye to all of my junk.

  • Kim S.
  • 06Apr 2021

TestimonialsKudos to the team of loft clearance professionals I had the pleasure of meeting. The guys did a remarkably quick and professional job shifting the massive load of junk from my loft.

  • Yasmin S.
  • 06Apr 2021

TestimonialsThis waste removal firm was cheap to hire. Handy Rubbish gave me a very competitive quote, and thankfully, they stuck to it. All the work was carried out, just as asked.

  • Gregg S.
  • 06Apr 2021

TestimonialsMy flat clearance was completed on time. Their professionals were in and out, taking all of my junk with them before I knew it. I greatly appreciated the speed and efficiency of it all.

  • Martina H.
  • 05Apr 2021

TestimonialsAll of the rubbish disposal work they did for me was carried out to my liking. The service was over in quick time.

  • F. Seagrave
  • 03Apr 2021

TestimonialsI was really impressed with the rubbish removal service. I was impressed, because of the way they removed everything, out of a pretty tight space and around tight corners, from upstairs, to downstairs and out of the house. It was a top service. I thoroughly recommend hiring them.

  • Ruby S.
  • 02Apr 2021

TestimonialsThe team they sent to my house arrived on time and completed the rubbish clearance incredibly quickly. They were personable, professional, and just did a top job.

  • R. Speed
  • 30Mar 2021

TestimonialsThey had to move some large items out of a small hatch and around some tight corners, to get everything out of my house. Their loft clearance team demonstrated their professionalism. They took care as they carried everything out and managed to remove absolutely everything without me having to clear up after them.

  • D. Brown
  • 27Mar 2021

TestimonialsThe team they sent to my house arrived on time and completed the rubbish clearance incredibly quickly. They were personable, professional, and just did a top job.

  • R. Speed
  • 25Mar 2021

TestimonialsWhen it comes to house clearance work, they're the only company for the job. I've used them several times now and wouldn't even consider hiring another firm.

  • S. Taylor
  • 22Mar 2021

TestimonialsI was after on-demand rubbish disposal. This fantastic company were responsive to my request and thankfully, were able to accommodate my needs.

  • Sienna D.
  • 18Mar 2021

TestimonialsI thought the furniture they were removed from the top floors of my house would pose problems. But the house clearance team showed their professionalism. They dismantled some items so as not to damage the walls. Everything had been loaded up within half an hour.

  • S. Henman
  • 18Mar 2021

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish was able to meet my house clearance needs on the same day I reached out to them. It was a remarkable service, especially considering everything I was chucking away.

  • D. Barber
  • 18Mar 2021

TestimonialsThis rubbish removal firm did a fantastic job for me, yet again. Their teams always impress. I'd thoroughly recommend hiring them.

  • F. David
  • 15Mar 2021

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish sorted out my house clearance and did so in spectacular fashion. It was amazing watching their hard workers at work, seeing how they went about things.

  • Madelina H.
  • 10Mar 2021

TestimonialsThey're a good company, just a very professional rubbish disposal firm to deal with. They did a great job for me. It's highly recommended to hire this firm.

  • Nikole Troy
  • 05Mar 2021

TestimonialsAfter the massive rubbish disposal job they did for me, one that was completed thoroughly and professionally, I'd happily recommend this firm to others, I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again.

  • Claudia H.
  • 01Mar 2021

TestimonialsI thought sorting out bulky builders waste collection would cost me an arm and a leg. That was until I came across this company. Still, when I received the quote, at the back of my mind I thought there must be a catch. My scepticism proved to be unwarranted.

  • F. Croft
  • 26Feb 2021

TestimonialsI was getting rid of some rather large items of furniture. Handy Rubbish came recommended to me. I contact them, liked what I heard, so left the rubbish disposal job in their capable hands. They carried out a tremendous service for me, did just what was needed.

  • K. Bischoff
  • 26Feb 2021

TestimonialsI recently used them for the first time. It's little wonder why this company has such rave reviews online. I don't normally write reviews. But after the top rubbish removal service I received, now I'm adding to them.

  • R. Rutherford
  • 14Feb 2021

TestimonialsI hired them for a complete, a rather sizable house clearance, and from my point of view, the service couldn't have gone any better. I loved their approach to the task. Their tireless work ethic resulted in the work being finished ahead of schedule, to perfection.

  • T. Galloway
  • 12Feb 2021

TestimonialsThere were lots of large items of furniture that needed to be removed during the flat clearance service. They assured me they'd be able to handle it all. The team that arrived had everything removed and loaded into their van without any problems. I want to thank them for their hard work.

  • Georgina M.
  • 09Feb 2021

TestimonialsTheir team of hard workers had my house cleared in no time. It was a house clearance of the highest order, that perfectly met my needs. Should I ever need to, hiring them for additional work is a no brainer.

  • Larry S.
  • 22Dec 2020

TestimonialsI knew I couldn't chuck my garden waste in along with my general rubbish. My council would've had a fit! I did my research and settled on hiring this firm for garden waste removal as my best bet. They didn't let me down. It was all very simple dealing with this company.

  • R. Cracken
  • 15Dec 2020

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish tackled my builders waste removal job the way it should be tackled. They arrived on time and went hard at it, had everything cleared away in no time at all.

  • Carol H.
  • 08Dec 2020

TestimonialsI booked them in for a flat clearance service. The team that was sent to work on my job really impressed me. I loved the speed and efficiency of it all.

  • R. Quinton
  • 24Nov 2020

TestimonialsThank you to Handy Rubbish for being very professional and timely. Your junk collection services definitely exceeded my expectations. You have a repeat customer.

  • Nick
  • 20Sep 2019

TestimonialsI had no worries and no stress while scheduling my junk removal with this company in Central London.

  • Ron L.
  • 19Sep 2019

TestimonialsAll I can say is that Handy Rubbish provides great rubbish removal services. Highly recommend them.

  • Janice
  • 18Sep 2019

TestimonialsThe workers from Handy Rubbish came on time. They were polite and professional. Thanks for the garden waste clearance.

  • Diamond
  • 16Sep 2019

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish sent very professional young men to provide builders with waste removal in London. They were on time and did the job in no time.

  • Reed
  • 12Sep 2019

TestimonialsThe crew at Handy Rubbish was professional and efficient with my waste removal.

  • Tom J.
  • 11Sep 2019

TestimonialsI received fantastic customer service overall. I can't complain about this company and their rubbish disposal services at all.

  • Lance
  • 04Sep 2019

TestimonialsThey were able to break down furniture that I needed to be removed quickly and easily. I am so thankful for their junk removal services in London.

  • Lily
  • 09Jul 2019

TestimonialsI will say that the people who came to do waste disposal at my office in London were very efficient. Will use again.

  • Bob
  • 26Jun 2019

TestimonialsThe men who came to do my rubbish disposal were very professional. They did an exceptional job.

  • Tisha
  • 13Jun 2019

TestimonialsThis company did a terrific job with junk removal. I am so happy with how professional and hard-working they were.

  • F. Hines
  • 01May 2019

TestimonialsThey came on time and picked up some very heavy furniture for junk removal in South West London. Thanks, guys!

  • Noah
  • 04Apr 2019

TestimonialsI will call this company again for all of my junk removal needs in East London. Extraordinary job!

  • Gregory
  • 20Mar 2019

TestimonialsThis company worked so fast at completing a rubbish disposal project for me in London. I couldn't believe it! They were very good.

  • Gina
  • 20Mar 2019

TestimonialsI liked the team that came to do my waste disposal so much. They arrived on time and best of all they were friendly and neat!

  • Dana
  • 03Feb 2019

TestimonialsAll I can say is great service! I will always use you guys for my junk collection in West London.

  • Michelle
  • 06Nov 2018

TestimonialsThey stayed in contact with me on time which is so great. Not all waste removal companies in South East London do this which is why I will use this company again.

  • Tracy
  • 12Jun 2018

TestimonialsI received excellent service concerning my waste disposal from booking until pick up.

  • Allison
  • 18Mar 2018

TestimonialsI really enjoyed the rubbish removal services I received from this company. They were very easy to work with.

  • Joan
  • 17Oct 2017

TestimonialsIt was so easy to schedule my appointment for waste clearance. Great job!

  • Michael V.
  • 08Aug 2017
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