Testimonials I am grateful for the quick and effective job done by the rubbish removal team that visited my home today.

  • Gwen Wood
  • 20Dec 2023

Testimonials Superb service offered by House Clearance yet another time. I have had the honor to use this business twice now, and will pick them again for any removal operation needed at my place of residence.

  • Howard D.
  • 14Nov 2023

Testimonials The job of junk removal was efficient and effective; the team of workers who came were professional in every way and polite too.

  • Rory C.
  • 20Jul 2023

Testimonials The team were outstanding; loading up in a timely fashion and offering to help out with anything they could. Their attitude was decidedly positive, and their professionalism impeccable.

  • Bonnie Elkins
  • 06Jun 2023

Testimonials We recently had a full house renovation and the aftermath included the need for trash disposal. A friend directed us to phone Waste Collection, and we found them to be reliable, with prices that were quite economical.

  • Eliana Murray
  • 23Feb 2023

Testimonials Appreciative of Junk Disposal's fast service - calling them up on last Friday resulted in success as they cleared out all the rubbish in our garden by Monday morning!

  • Donald F.
  • 13Feb 2023

Testimonials Needed a quick waste collection service for some builders rubbish that needed to be cleared. Got in touch with this team and they were with me in a flash and cleared the rubbish within no time at all.

  • Billy Jolley
  • 07Sep 2021

Testimonials The waste disposal team from HandyRubbish was a real pleasure to deal with. They did an excellent job at my home. I'm really happy with the results. Thank you.

  • Bill Johnson
  • 09Aug 2021

Testimonials I just wanted to say a big thank you to Handy Rubbish for their rubbish removal service. Great team and fantastic work!

  • L. Williams
  • 08Jul 2021

Testimonials Fab rubbish collection service by Rubbish Removal Services. They were fast and efficient and did a good job for a reasonable price. Will definitely hire this company again in the future!

  • Mrs Taylor
  • 05Jun 2021

Testimonials Wonderful rubbish clearance by Junk Disposal. They took away all the old junk with ease, and quickly too, which was great. Thank you so much.

  • Dorothy Brown
  • 04May 2021

Testimonials Hired Handy Rubbish for my garden waste clearance. Their team did a fantastic job, and I am so pleased with the result. Thank you!

  • Carly Truman
  • 03Apr 2021

Testimonials Used Waste Collection for builders waste removal. The team arrived on time, did a brilliant job, and charged a very reasonable price. Thanks so much, lads!

  • B. Stevenson
  • 04Mar 2021

Testimonials A great job is done by Waste Clearance London and their team in removing the junk from my loft. Will certainly be using them again soon!

  • Amelia Brown
  • 01Feb 2021

Testimonials I was very pleased with the waste clearance service. The two guys were polite and professional, they did a great job in no time at all!

  • J. Smith
  • 02Jan 2021

Testimonials Their rubbish removal service is top-notch! I would recommend to anyone.

  • Lesley Wilson
  • 07Nov 2020

Testimonials Junk Disposal did a marvelous junk removal service at the weekend and I will use again.

  • George Hanson
  • 20Aug 2019

Testimonials Whenever I need any help with my garden waste clearance that is when I contact HandyRubbish, I love their work.

  • Chris W.
  • 30Jul 2019

Testimonials I've tried and failed to do clear out my loft so many times that I finally called in the experts. Waste Collection were the first company to get back to me with availability and were very reasonably priced I think. And they did my loft clearance in a matter of hours, now I can get on with fixing it up - thanks to the team!

  • Gail Sexton
  • 10Apr 2019

Testimonials Very fast and reliable rubbish disposal service and they are very strict about making sure everything is clean and tidy when they leave which I really appreciate.

  • Gemma Farrell
  • 18Mar 2019

Testimonials Booking Waste Collection for flat clearance was well worth it. Wouldn't have managed without them.

  • G. Little
  • 05Mar 2019

Testimonials I'd used waste clearance companies before. I'd never been happy. This time around I chose Rubbish Removal Services. Now I've found the company for me.

  • S. Hamish
  • 19Feb 2019

Testimonials The rubbish clearance team cleared away the junk in no time. I'm so glad I called them.

  • Jeff A.
  • 14Jan 2019

Testimonials Having Waste Clearance London on hand for rubbish removal was really convenient. Wouldn't have been able to handle the task myself.

  • S. Allan
  • 05Dec 2018

Testimonials I really thought that the rubbish removal service was going to cost me an arm and a leg. That's because there was a lot that needed chucking away. I did my research, called a few companies up, and the company that gave me the best quote was House Clearance. I booked with them and they didn't let me down. It seemed as if everything was gone in a matter of moments. They didn't leave a mess either. It was the perfect service.

  • J. Barton
  • 08Nov 2018

Testimonials It was a speedy, simply and professional rubbish collection service. Handy Rubbish was just the company I was looking for.

  • Lucy H.
  • 29Oct 2018

Testimonials My flat is on the fourth floor and I was desperate to have my old sofa and chairs removed to make way for the new set. Waste Clearance London provided excellent service. Initial enquiry was honest, pricing policy explained and the booking was easy. When the junk removal crew arrived, they did not gouge me for labour charges. They were speedy and got the job done quickly and efficiently. Would most certainly recommend.

  • Kaylee Jefferson
  • 09Oct 2018

Testimonials HandyRubbish were amazing. I was not expecting such professional service from a rubbish removal business. I was expecting tough, gruff lads, and what I experienced was a professional, polite and prompt crew. Efficient, affordable and quick. Happy to recommend to anyone.

  • Michael Sumner
  • 10Sep 2018

Testimonials Rang Rubbish Removal Services up, friendly office team. Workers arrived at my flat at the required time, removing any and all rubbish while leaving the area tidy. inexpensive, low cost service. Very good good company.

  • Darby Stanton
  • 16Aug 2018

Testimonials You will not hear one untoward word or complaint from these hard working chaps who represent the best of Waste Collection. I had a massive load of debris which needed to be removed from drive at my residence. Exceptional service, low cost, will recommend.

  • Channing Aram
  • 02Aug 2018

Testimonials In process of moving our office across town, we accumulated an excess of rubbish which was in need of immediate removal. After contacting the pleasant staff at Rubbish Removal Services and obtaining a rather fair and competitive price quote considering the large lot of waste which included furniture, old metal filing cabinets, as well as reams of unusable printing paper. Booking was simple, and actual removal was swift. They left the area quite tidy, a factor both our landlord and ourselves appreciated greatly.

  • Lindon
  • 25Jul 2018

Testimonials Junk Disposal was a sheer pleasure to deal with, from the booking to the removal of the waste. Arrived as scheduled. The lad that loaded and drove the lorry was quick and efficient. Definitely recommend.

  • Todd Travers
  • 06Jul 2018

Testimonials From the moment I first called them and had that initial conversation, I knew Rubbish Removal Services were the right company for me. I'd used other waste collection companies in the past. But this company made all the right noises from the get go. I was thrilled with what I heard, so booked their services. They didn't let me down on the collection day itself either. They did a tremendous job. I have no complaints, just a lot of praise for the company as a whole.

  • Chris H.
  • 06Jun 2018

Testimonials Helpful team, good service, fast waste collection and great rates, House Clearance offered everything we wanted.

  • Arthur
  • 02May 2018

Testimonials So nice to have a local company you can rely on. I've used HandyRubbish several times for garden waste clearance and they always do a smashing job.

  • I. Jones
  • 22Apr 2018

Testimonials The thing that impressed me most about HandyRubbish was the fact they recycle so much of the waste disposal they do. Made me feel so much better than just chucking it out.

  • Renee Darling
  • 11Apr 2018

Testimonials I hate clearing junk so when I wanted to do some spring cleaning I decided to use Waste Collection for their junk clearance service and they were superb. Fast, reliable and above all, thorough! So glad I didn't have to do it!

  • Sheena Riyadh
  • 23Mar 2018

Testimonials Cheap, efficient and fast!

  • Tom
  • 12Mar 2018

Testimonials I got a great deal on waste removal from Rubbish Removal Services. I wasn't sure I'd be able to find something I could afford, because my budget is already so strapped, but they explained their prices on the phone, and the service has been good, too.

  • C. Booth
  • 20Feb 2018

Testimonials I was in desperate need of professional help with junk clearance. There was so much that needed to be disposed of, and I didn't know how to go about it. Thankfully Waste Clearance London did. They took care of mounds of junk like it wasn't even there. They get a big thumbs up from me.

  • Claire N.
  • 16Jan 2018

Testimonials Very impressed with their work ethic, prices and range of rubbish collection packages. Thank you Waste Clearance London!

  • Irene Karr
  • 05Dec 2017

Testimonials Fantastic service and great communication, a friendly and polite team who handled it all with a good amount of professionalism, not what I'd expect from a rubbish removal team, but you learn something new and good every day. Overall, the collection went without a hitch, they arrived at the agreed upon time and just got on with the job. As I am heavily into 'green' concerns, I made inquiries as to how the rubbish would be dispatched. The team had no trouble in taking time out to explain the entire process to me, so I was quite satisfied, as I did have an old computer in the batch, so did want to make sure it would be disposed of in the proper fashion. I must say that it was rather refreshing to have a business deal with you on your own terms, without worry of them being on the sly about anything. I rate them a 5 star company, and do so with much vigour.

  • E. Grant
  • 04Dec 2017

Testimonials Each and every member of the work crew was very pleasant and their work was professionally done. HandyRubbish was affordable and the work done well. Great junk removal service!

  • Olivia Wellington
  • 08Nov 2017

Testimonials I was in desperate need of yard waste to be removed. Their waste collection team did a superb job, and at a very affordable price. Very content and happy with the service, and will use Handy Rubbish again.

  • Michelle Wainwright
  • 27Oct 2017

Testimonials Honest employees, great communication and customer service. House Clearance did a fantastic job with waste disposal overall. Will recommend.

  • Arvid
  • 14Oct 2017

Testimonials HandyRubbish is a fantastic waste removal company to do business with. Thank you so much for the hard work, the area is neat and free from rubbish.

  • Candace Livingston
  • 14Sep 2017

Testimonials I needed an affordable rubbish collection service and had no idea where to turn. I'd heard about Rubbish Removal Services from neighbours and decided to give them a try. Now I know what all the fuss is about. This is a great company who relies on good old fashioned hard work and knows how to treat their customers. Zero disappointments here!

  • Nelson T.
  • 28Aug 2017

Testimonials Can't say enough great things about Rubbish Removal Services. They are the only waste removal company in my eyes.

  • Becky Little
  • 10Aug 2017

Testimonials I will most definitely be hiring Waste Collection again next time I ever need rubbish collection from my home, so quick and cheap. Was nice not to have to wait weeks for rubbish to be collected, or to have to pay huge fee for it either.

  • Jack
  • 26Jul 2017

Testimonials Hired House Clearance for help with some general junk and garden waste removal, and they were so good I could hardly believe it. Not only were they the cheapest service I could find, but they really knew their stuff, and did the job really quickly and efficiently. Will be using again. Thanks!

  • Tatum C.
  • 10Jul 2017

Testimonials I like the helpful, nice staff of HandyRubbish. They've always helped me out with any rubbish that I needed removing. Their waste removal services are outstanding!

  • John
  • 27Jun 2017

Testimonials Excellent rubbish removal company that offered me a great deal! Thanks Rubbish Removal Services! Highly recommended.

  • P. Stroud
  • 07Jun 2017

Testimonials Waste Clearance London have carried out a few waste removal jobs for us now, and have always done a good job at a very competitive price!

  • Leon Pennington
  • 30May 2017

Testimonials Waste Collection did a cracking junk removal job for us. We called the office for a rate, seemed reasonable so we booked them on the spot. The job was done quickly and efficiently but to a high standard. Great crew, even cleaned up after themselves. Use again? Of course!

  • David J.
  • 19May 2017

Testimonials Fabulous job, done quickly, no hassle. I will use them again! Great waste collection company. Thank you Waste Clearance London!

  • Marion Littlefield
  • 03May 2017

Testimonials I hired their team for rubbish clearance around my construction site. Great work at a competitive price. Thank you Waste Collection.

  • Timothy
  • 24Apr 2017

Testimonials I needed their waste clearance service for my mother's home. She was pleased with the job and I certainly will hire Junk Disposal for work around my property.

  • Dennis B.
  • 04Apr 2017

Testimonials Rubbish collection done cheaply! Went to House Clearance, and I'm mightily glad I did.

  • Andre M.
  • 13Mar 2017

Testimonials I got a great deal and a terrific rubbish disposal service from Junk Disposal - couldn't have hoped for anything else.

  • Emma Jackson
  • 02Mar 2017

Testimonials Showed up on time and helped me dispose of old furniture and appliances. The rubbish disposal service was cheap and efficient. Waste Clearance London sent a team that was easy to work with. Five out of five!

  • Thomas
  • 10Feb 2017

Testimonials Hired House Clearance for rubbish removal a couple of days ago. Amazed at their efficient work and speed!

  • John
  • 27Jan 2017

Testimonials Their deals on waste collection cannot be beat! I used Waste Collection once but I will definitely call them again in the near future!

  • F. Swales
  • 16Jan 2017

Testimonials The waste disposal process was seamless. I contacted Waste Clearance London and we agreed on the price. The job was completed on time. No delays or hidden charges! I paid the price we had agreed on!

  • Kay T.
  • 06Dec 2016

Testimonials HandyRubbish was great! The team arrived on schedule and started loading the van. They cleared out my three-storey house in a matter of 3 hours. This is the most reliable and the cheapest house clearance service I have ever used!

  • Violet
  • 16Nov 2016

Testimonials I booked a loft clearing service with Rubbish Removal Services last weekend and I must say that I'm truly impressed with the way they work! They are so fast yet they don't miss a single detail. Just wow!

  • R. Oliver
  • 27Oct 2016

Testimonials I wanted help with the attic, garage, and cellar clearance and looked all over for a proper clearance company to help me. A few people referred me to Handy Rubbish and I jumped at the offer to see what they had for me. The deals were extra tasty and I definitely needed something like that for a thorough clearing of my entire place. Excellent work! Thank you so much for the help!

  • Peter W.
  • 28Sep 2016

Testimonials I had a large amount of rubbish that needed to be cleared so I had Waste Collection handle things. Their waste disposal service was very useful and they made sure all my junk was taken away and disposed of. I couldn't have managed this job without them.

  • Alice Bond
  • 30Aug 2016

Testimonials I hired HandyRubbish for my garden clearance and I was very happy with the results. Both the natural debris and the general rubbish were cleared and disposed of in no time at all. What's even better is the low price - such a great company!

  • Michael F.
  • 22Jul 2016

Testimonials There was a lot of rubbish clearance work that needed to be done in our house and Waste Collection took care of it all. There was too much junk for me to handle alone so I'm very thankful for your help.

  • Alice Jones
  • 28Jun 2016

Testimonials The clearance of the junk and garden waste cluttering up my back garden was completed easily and efficiently by Waste Clearance London and their team of waste removal experts. I was delighted when I returned to inspect their work at the end of the day and was more than pleased with what was left over - nothing! I would certainly recommend their company to anyone in need of a junk removal service, without hesitation.

  • Anita P.
  • 20May 2016

Testimonials If you want a great house clearance then you have to call Waste Collection. I hired their services and they had all of my old junk removed. They took every unwanted item in no time and disposed of it, doing all the hard work for me.

  • Adrian Cole
  • 26Apr 2016

Testimonials I recently hired Rubbish Removal Services for a home clearance and they did great work. They collected all of my old junk and safely took it away from my house. They ensured that everything was taken away and I didn't need to do a thing.

  • Dean Ash
  • 29Mar 2016

Testimonials Rubbish Removal Services did a great job with clearing my home. I was looking for an affordable waste removal service that was still going to be fast and reliable. This company definitely delivered thanks to their friendly staff and great service. Every scrap of waste was collected and removed and I couldn't be happier!

  • Louisa M.
  • 12Feb 2016

Testimonials When my daughter returned from University we were suddenly faced with the task of fitting two rooms worth of stuff into one room, not to mention the other household junk she had acquired over the three years. I managed to get her to have a declutter but I still needed help getting rid of the unwanted goods. Rubbish Removal Services were amazing, they took everything away and they promised they would recycle everything they could. I'm sure I'll be calling them again when my son returns next year.

  • Katie Smith
  • 20Jan 2016

Testimonials Everything went according to plan with the rubbish clearance service and my wife was very impressed with the efficiency of their team. It was stress-free and more importantly exactly what we asked for. I'm used to being provided with a service from various service providers and then having to sort out something else because of it. This wasn't the case with Rubbish Removal Services. They were very careful when removing everything from my house and took care when dismantling my large items of furniture. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to others!

  • Richard P.
  • 21Dec 2015

Testimonials I've used Rubbish Removal Services several times now and still get blown away by their level of service. It's unlike others in the industry, simply because everything is straightforward, their prices are low and transparent, the service is always exceptional and delivered with a smile; this all makes for one hell of a professional, even enjoyable service. I will most certainly be using them again when needed!

  • William H.
  • 03Dec 2015

Testimonials The team that came round were willing and able to do absolutely anything and everything, even take apart and remove the large, heavy items of furniture that weren't originally on the list. It was a very efficient process and I'm delighted with what took place. I will definitely hire Handy Rubbish again when necessary because I now have complete faith in them to get the job done.

  • Felicity Puchell
  • 17Nov 2015

Testimonials When you move house and decide you're going to go through a long, thorough decluttering session, you'll probably be amazed at the things you come across but no longer want or need! With all the ugly furniture and useless bits and pieces, I decided on getting some professional help. I hired Rubbish Removal Services to take the lot away, and they really lived up to their local reputation! Everything was picked up and disposed of in a fast and professional manner, and the extra space I was left with made setting up in my new home much easier.

  • Alan F.
  • 04Nov 2015

Testimonials I've used Waste Collection a few times now and on every occasion I've been more than happy with the quality of service. The crew are always prompt and courteous and treat my property with care and respect as they go about the messy job of removing the rubbish. They work quickly and have never had any problems. They simply get on with the job and work to please the customer. Terrific stuff and I hope it continues in the future!

  • Paris S.
  • 27Oct 2015

Testimonials What blew me away about Waste Clearance London was the speed at which they worked. I had a lot of rubbish that needed clearing, but they took care of everything, including my rather large and heavy items of furniture without any problems. I thought the job would have taken them hours to complete but they were in and out in about thirty minutes, and even had time to clear up after themselves! A truly brilliant, comprehensive service!

  • Steve F.
  • 15Oct 2015

Testimonials I was desperate for someone to get rid of the rubbish my builders and renovators had left. My house was a complete tip, but Rubbish Removal Services provided me with the best service I could have imagined! This is a really good service and it wasn't too expensive either - especially when compared to other companies I'd looked at! Thanks for such a great service!

  • Ellen
  • 05Oct 2015

Testimonials A big thanks to the team at Rubbish Removal Services who helped to clear my garden! All the rubbish and mess was gone in no time, and the staff were really friendly and professional. This is an excellent service that I'd recommend!

  • Jake
  • 28Sep 2015

Testimonials If you ever need an office clearance team, then HandyRubbish are the people to call. They have a full team of experts who can help shift all your unwanted goods. They will get rid of large or small items in no time, giving you the spacious office you need.

  • Daniel Conners
  • 11Sep 2015

Testimonials Waste Clearance London were a great help in my home clearance. I would have struggled to get it done without them but they gave me the full support I needed. A 5/5 service.

  • Adam Baker
  • 01Sep 2015

Testimonials I was fed up with the clutter in my garage so decided to tackle a clear up job! Well I couldn't believe how much rubbish there was and it was stacking up to a huge amount. This meant I had to get some assistance. I used House Clearance and got a great service at a good cost. The driver and loader were hard working and friendly. The various types of waste were sorted into piles and loaded onto a vehicle to be taken to the proper recycling facilities to be reused. I was very pleased with the service from start to finish.

  • Sally Gibson
  • 18Aug 2015

Testimonials I was having my home redecorated and was also upgrading my home furniture with new more modern pieces. This meant I had a lot of good quality but old heavier items to take away. I was passed on the name of a furniture clearance company who would deal with it appropriately, either recycling or selling on etc. Anyway I hired HandyRubbish and they did a great service. The furniture was removed with care and taken away in a large vehicle to be reused where possible. It was an excellent service and a good price.

  • Winston Dawson
  • 03Aug 2015

Testimonials The team of Rubbish Removal Services really did work very hard when it came to clearing away the mess in my house left over from some recent building work. I was worried that with the amount of rubbish that needed clearing the builders clearance service was going to cost me an arm and a leg, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got their price quote. They are defiantly a professional company and their team knows what they're doing, so don't hesitate to give them a call if you require a rubbish removal service.

  • Harry T.
  • 22Jul 2015

Testimonials I run a small eatery, but it tends to create quite a lot of trash daily. I needed a reliable waste collection service to help me curb this issue. A friend recommended Waste Clearance London so I decided to give them a try. I was impressed with the swiftness and promptness of service, and I have decided to hire them for all mu future junk removal tasks.

  • Barry K.
  • 13Jul 2015

Testimonials My garage was filled to the roof with old furniture, broken toys, tools and a lot of other junk, so much so that there was no room left for my car anymore! I finally had to address the problem, if I didn't want the place to become dangerous to walk in. So, I hired Handy Rubbish and they cleared the entire garage for me. I didn't even have to lift a finger! Great service, and at a great price too!

  • David G.
  • 02Jul 2015

Testimonials Both my family and I are very environmentally-conscious, and after moving to our new home we were dismayed to find the back garden was in a complete state of disarray. Bricks, trees and even just rubbish were everywhere, but we needed a company that would dispose of everything in a green way. Junk Disposal were suggested to me by a friend, and the work that did was brilliant. Not only did they get rid of the rubbish in what had to have been record time, but they disposed of it in a healthy way. 10/10 - thank you!

  • Brittany F.
  • 22Jun 2015

Testimonials Waste Clearance London were my first choice of company when I needed a hand with my garden clearance. A member of my family had used their property clearance services in the past, and this was a company that came highly-recommended! I wasn't disappointed either, as the company worked hard. The service wasn't too costly either!

  • Sarah
  • 15Jun 2015

Testimonials I don't usually write reviews but I just had to thank Junk Disposal and their staff for all of their hard work and effort. Clearing my house was a problem I just couldn't face, but these guys tackled all the work for me, doing an incredible job that took half the time it would have taken me! My house has never looked better and I'm more than pleased with the results. A professional and reliable company - five stars from me!

  • Steven T.
  • 05Jun 2015

Testimonials We own a commercial kitchen for our catering business. Yearly, we hire Waste Collection for rubbish clearance and it has been a great partnership. Commercial clearance is not a very easy task at hand. However, we feel completely well taken care off in the capable hands of their team. Thank you for the service.

  • Mrs Georgia L.
  • 27May 2015

Testimonials HandyRubbish helped me with the moving-out rubbish clearance. Their experts arrived with the contract and we talked them through the clearance schedule that they had to follow. The service was excellent and the price was fair. It has been very satisfying having knowledgeable experts around handling your house clearance.

  • May Doris
  • 15May 2015

Testimonials I was pleased with the clearance service I used to get rid of my commercial rubbish when I was moving to a new warehouse. Waste Clearance London were easy to deal with and professional. They arranged for a meeting to look over the waste and prepare the necessary documentation and calculate a cost. All of the junk was off to a recycling plant to be reused which I was happy with. I was happy with the cost too and booked a date. The truck arrived promptly and the loader and driver quickly loaded the lorry. I was very satisfied with the entire procedure and would certainly use them again in the future.

  • Harvey W.
  • 04May 2015

Testimonials I was moving business premises and had a lot of old computers, monitors and furniture that was broken and useless to move. To reduce moving costs I hired HandyRubbish and they sorted the entire mess and got rid of it properly at a very affordable cost. I was pleased with how efficient and professional they were and it reduced the amount of things I had to move!

  • Monica R.
  • 24Apr 2015

Testimonials I was helping my elderly parents to downsize to sheltered housing, and they had a lot of old stuff that was absolutely useless to clear away. Though they had given a lot of the stuff to family, and charity organisations there was a lot left to clear. I called Waste Collection and made arrangements to get a quote, and a friendly staff member called and went over how the rubbish would be removed. I was very happy with the price and the plan, so I booked a date. The rubbish was cleared away really swiftly and safely. Care was taken with the glass, and the workers swept up afterwards. A really efficient and helpful service!

  • Carol P.
  • 14Apr 2015

Testimonials I was so pleased with the rubbish removal service I hired recently after having a new bathroom and kitchen fitted. There were a lot of old tiles, units and materials to remove. Rubbish Removal Services did a great job for a really good cost. Everything from start to finish went well.

  • Albert Johnson
  • 04Apr 2015

Testimonials HandyRubbish were wonderful when we moved into our new house. There was a lot of rubbish and broken garden tools, toys and furniture left behind in the loft and shed that we needed to get rid of. This company was soon on the case, and got it loaded and moved quickly and efficiently, even clearing away any mess left behind. Good cost too!

  • Emily Strand
  • 25Mar 2015

Testimonials HandyRubbish really helped me out with my rubbish problem - getting rid of the junk in my loft was a huge problem for me, and one that I didn't have the time to tackle. Luckily I found this company, and they provided me with the help that I needed to clear out my loft in a proper and professional way. I was also happy to find out how cheap this service is - I'd been quoted some very pricey costs! I'd recommend this company 100%!

  • Toby
  • 15Mar 2015

Testimonials When I needed help with junk removal in my attic I chose HandyRubbish because of their customer reviews. I wanted to make sure that I was hiring a reliable and reputable company, but I also needed to make sure I wasn't spending a fortune. The company worked hard to deliver the fantastic results that they did, and I couldn't be more pleased with the service itself. As for the price, it was a lot cheaper than I'd been expecting! A very good service!

  • Holly
  • 05Mar 2015

Testimonials There are lots of house clearance companies in the local area but HandyRubbish undercuts all of them! They could easily charge more and still get a lot of business simply down to the quality of their service, which is unparalleled in the local area and other places too. I needed them to get rid of a lot of stuff from a flat I own. The tenants had moved out and I was replacing the furniture so it's always good to have a company on hand to sort issues like that out when I need it. I'd recommend them to tenants and landlords alike.

  • Julia P.
  • 21Feb 2015

Testimonials I once had a bad experience with a waste removal company, so I was really hesitant to try another service. I desperately needed someone to clear the waste from my loft, however, and when a friend suggested I try HandyRubbish I once had a bad experience with a waste removal company, so I was really hesitant to try another service. I desperately needed someone to clear the waste from my loft, however, and when a friend suggested I try HandyRubbish I figured I'd give them a go. Unlike the other company I used, this one was professional, efficient and friendly - as well as affordable. I was very happy with the service I got and would use this company again!

  • Laura
  • 11Feb 2015

Testimonials Maybe it's normal to have rooms and rooms full of rubbish you never use but it certainly doesn't suit my style of life. It's really depressing to have a lot of stuff reminding you of the past which you don't need to keep so I called HandyRubbish to get rid of it all and was amazed when I saw how cheap it all was. They'd quoted me the same price but I thought I'd maybe not told them accurately enough how much stuff I have. Regardless, they really didn't seem to mind and they just got on with the job and didn't dispute anything. I'd use them again in a flash!

  • Martin G.
  • 05Feb 2015

Testimonials My home was a complete tip before I hired Handy Rubbish's clearance and rubbish removal services! I'd had a lot of renovations done, and desperately needed a professional company who could tackle the mess left behind. The staff I hired did a great job at getting rid of all the mess and rubbish, and I couldn't believe how cheap the service was! I'd needed a professional and efficient company, but I didn't expect to get such great help for such low prices! What a fantastic company - worth every penny!

  • Sally
  • 26Jan 2015

Testimonials I've never dealt with a more thoroughly professional firm that HandyRubbish. They were kind, gracious, speedy and efficient! What more could you want. They came and got rid of my lifetime supply of junk from the hoarding cupboards and loaded it up without a second thought. That's ex-actly what I need from a company; real dedication to the job. I'd not hesitate to pass their name along to anyone who wants any kind of clearance job doing. They're open to jobs of any size which was nice that they were able to clear away just a few cupboards of stuff.

  • Ally Shooter
  • 18Jan 2015

Testimonials After knocking down the back wall to build a conservatory I was left with a huge pile of rubble I couldn't shift by myself. Despite my lack of foresight I was able to find a company who made it re-ally easy for me to get underway with the next part of my task. HandyRubbish came the next morning with a big van and all the equipment to load it up into. I was really happy how they man-aged to get it all away quickly and not leave any little stones on the grass, either. I'm now getting on with the next bit of the building work and having a great time doing it, all thanks to them.

  • Lawrence
  • 08Jan 2015

Testimonials Clearance companies don't sound like they would hire the friendliest bunch of people, but HandyRubbish seem to make that part of their employment policy. I had a great time dealing with their staff and found them flexible, cooperative and no trouble at all. That's exactly what people need when they have a house full of rubbish and this company understands perfectly. It must be all that experience they have and the great feedback they've received in the past. I would recommend their services to anyone at all.

  • Josh Cameron
  • 29Dec 2014

Testimonials I hired Junk Disposal to clear the waste and rubbish from my garden. After having my whole garden redesigned, there was a lot of rubble and rubbish to get rid of, and I just didn't have the time to do it myself. The company were really friendly and helpful from the get-go, and when it came to clearing day the staff worked really hard to get everything done as soon as possible. The job they did can't be faulted, and even the smallest bits of rubble were gone in no time - very happy!

  • Marc
  • 19Dec 2014

Testimonials I was pleased with the help with rubbish removal that I got from Handy Rubbish. I had a garden full of waste and junk that I wanted shifting as soon as possible, and this company was very friendly, efficient and professional. The work that was done was second to none, and nothing was forgotten about or left behind. This is as very efficient company, and you definitely get your money's worth here! I would use again and would recommend to anyone!

  • Amy
  • 16Dec 2014

Testimonials What a mess you can make when you're being careless with your possessions... I accidentally ruined the contents of my garage when the roof fell in on my spare furniture. I was heartbroken but I was able to get it all out of the way quickly by called HandyRubbish and using their waste clearance services. There were tiles, bricks, smashed up bits of wood, all sorts of things which needed to be sorted out. I'm happy to have worked with HandyRubbish and not a firm which didn't know what they were doing. I'd recommend them to anyone!

  • Quentin Emerson
  • 08Dec 2014

Testimonials In all my years of experience there hasn't been a better goods transportation service than HandyRubbish. Not just for what they do, rubbish removal, but for anything! They're faster than any removal service, delivery service, piano movers, anything like that. It was a joy to have them get rid of my unwanted clutter with such speed and kindness. I have passed their number along to several friends of mine who are in a similar situation. I hope I can repay them for the great work they've done.

  • John Y.
  • 28Nov 2014

Testimonials HandyRubbish's office clearance service is an absolute dream. My company was ready to move on and had managed to fill the office with a lot of worthless rubbish, the sorts of things which seemed to have no origin and just be part of the office itself. When the office clearance team came, they didn't spend any time messing around at all, they just got on with their job like they're supposed to. They had the whole thing cleared out in no time at all, leaving us all with a weight off our minds.

  • Owen Lee
  • 18Nov 2014

Testimonials HandyRubbish are the first home clearance company I'd recommend to anyone who wanted to know! They did such a fantastic job with my cluttered-up home that they deserve to get more busi-ness. I had more rubbish than I knew what to do with, so it just kept mounting up. I also had to get rid of 3 sofas and didn't want to leave them out in the front garden since that would do nothing for my image! HandyRubbish made that an easily solvable situation and took everything away straight away. Thanks!

  • Jordan
  • 12Oct 2014

Testimonials I didn't think that a large clearance service would even bother to take on the task of clearing out my garden shed but I called HandyRubbish just in case. It turns out they are willing to do jobs of any size and offered me a very reasonable quote, too. There were rusty tools, boxes full of old useless belongings, a non-functional motorbike and two workbenches. All of these were easily loaded into the van and carted off to landfill, making it easy for me to remodel the garden shed as a recreation room.

  • Gabriel H.
  • 02Oct 2014

Testimonials Thinking about all the things you don't need and should throw out gives you a bit of a mental block about how you're going to get rid of it. Well, you don't need to get rid of it yourself, you can call HandyRubbish as I did and have it taken away the same day. The price was shockingly affordable, I thought that I'd misheard when they told me the quote! I was really amazed when I saw how much of a big job it was, too. I thought surely they would increase the asking price, but no, it was all fine and they did a great job! I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Katy X.
  • 22Sep 2014

Testimonials As the manager of a small team of builders it was my job to arrange for the waste clearance which would be ongoing through the project. Talking to HandyRubbish it was easy to work out an agreement which suited us and worked out a removal schedule so they could come when we needed them to and make sure there's never a build up of rubbish on-site. For this reason and this flexibility I would recommend them to anyone. It was a pleasure doing business with you lot, thanks for your time and patience.

  • Gary W.
  • 11Sep 2014

Testimonials HandyRubbish are the only company I've ever needed for getting all the rubbish out of my house in one go. In the past I've had to get absolutely everything out at once, they helped me get it out and then loaded up some things to be taken to the rubbish tip and I had another van to take the rest to self storage while I finalised the sale of my new house. Since then, I have always been able to rely on them when I redecorate or decide I've had enough of the clutter. The staff is very friendly and even cater to my picky requests!

  • Emma
  • 01Sep 2014

Testimonials It got to the point where the house was in such a mess that self storage would be a waste of money! We couldn't remember why, when and how we had accumulated so much clutter and certainly didn't want it around, especially when I found out I'm pregnant! A bit of searching around and we found that HandyRubbish can do both home and garden clearance. I was thrilled to bits by how fast they were and we've got the house set up for the new baby. Only seven months to wait now, we're ahead of schedule!

  • Mary-Anne
  • 25Aug 2014

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