What is it that Handy Rubbish does exactly?

Covering London and the South East of England, Handy Rubbish provides waste removal services. By calling 020 3540 8282, you can hear just how fantastically low our prices are, as well as the wide range of other services we provide.

Do you have the necessary Insurance cover for this type of work?

We are completely insured for waste collection. This means that, for instance, there is damage to a client premises during the removal of waste, then we will cover any damage incurred.

Do you have a licence to carry out waste removal?

Absolutely. With full certification from the Environment Agency, we are licensed for the collection, transportation and removal of waste.

Can you give some examples of what you can remove?

Practically anything and everything. For instance, Handy Rubbish can remove:
- white goods such as washing machines, freezers, fridges and microwaves
- electrical appliances such as TV's, computers, old game consoles
- office equipment including fax machines, IT equipment, photocopiers as well as a confidential paper shredding service
- building waste including bricks, flooring, mortar, industrial tools, tiles
- garden refuse such as soil, branches, grass, discarded litter, old garden furniture, fencing

Do you have the necessary certification for hazardous waste?

We do not have certification to carry hazardous waste. When disposing of hazardous material, it's a good idea to contact your local council. They should be able to give you advice and also inform you of local waste disposal companies who are certified to carry hazardous waste.

What is Handy Rubbish not able to dispose of?

Due to health and safety requirements and other legislation, any toxic substances and materials such as asbestos and harmful chemicals are not able to be disposed of by our company. We can, however, handle anything else.

Wouldn't it be better renting a skip instead of hiring Handy Rubbish?

The advantages of using Handy Rubbish to dispose of your waste instead of hiring a skip are many. First of all, by hiring us, you don't need to do any heavy manual work, our waste removal employees will do it all for you. In addition, with us, you can save a welcome amount of time and hassle by not having to apply for a skip hire permit from the local council. What's more, with a skip you'll pay a set fee which can often be expensive regardless of what you're moving. However, with our company, you only pay for what you move, based on its volume and weight.

How much do you charge?

It all depends on the volume of what you want moved. By doing this, you get better value for money. If it's material which is particularly heavy such as bricks, soil or rubble we charge solely by weight. The price charged also includes things like equipment, recycling costs and manual labour. Due to regulations imposed by the local council, there is also a small extra charge for things like fridges, freezers and televisions. We make sure any extra costs are kept to a minimum.

Why is it not possible to give me an exact quote by telephone?

We aim to give a customised service so you get the very best price possible. Our price therefore is based on things like the weight and amount of the waste and whether it's easy to get to, because of this, the final price is calculated by the waste collection team on site.

If I'm unhappy with the final price, is there an extra charge?

We try to give an exact quote over the phone based on the information we're given. This, however, is an approximate estimation and may not be the final price. The final price is confirmed at the collection site. If the final price given on site is more than you have budgeted for, there is no obligation charge.

What about any other additional charges?

The price we charge depends on the amount of waste you have. However, there is an eco tax for certain items such as tyres and fridges which is paid on top of the waste collection price.

Is a same-day service available?

We do offer a same-day service. We can pick up your waste within two hours of you contacting our company. However, being a very popular waste collection company, it may not always be possible to collect your rubbish straight away. We recommend you contact us a day or two in advance just to make sure your rubbish is disposed of at a time which is suitable for yourself.

Is it necessary for myself to be at the location when you are doing the work?

No, if you prefer, we can collect your rubbish at a property when no-one is there. It is necessary to have access to the waste and also have a list of what is to be collected. One of our staff will phone you from the site with an exact quote. If you are happy with the price quoted, our technicians will only then proceed with the work.

What are your working hours?

We're available 24/7. We strive to be available at all times for you and always collect waste at a time which is suitable for you. This means whether it's outside regular business hours or on bank holidays or weekends, you can call us in the knowledge that we're always available.

How long does the rubbish collection take?

It all depends on the volume of rubbish you have.

How do you dispose of the junk collected?

Once collected, our expert team will take it to the nearest recycling centre where the refuse will be disposed of safely and securely.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept many different payment methods including debit and credit cards, bank transfer and cash.

Do you recycle everything?

We always try to recycle as much rubbish and waste as possible.

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