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If you live in Manchester, you must consider how easy it will be to take care of your rubbish disposal job by yourself. Loading up your car, making several trips to your local M1 waste and recycling site and unloading everything by hand will take hours and will be back-breaking work.

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So why take on the time-consuming, laborious task of rubbish disposal, especially when you have Handy Rubbish and our team of experts ready to jump in and give you a helping hand in Manchester.

Lifting, loading and transporting aren’t issue you’ll have to worry about when you hire our waste collection service, so contact us today on 0161 302 0728.

How do we operate as a company?

We operate by making life easier and the process of rubbish disposal more convenient for you. That’s why if you need a rubbish removal service for your property in Manchester, M1, Handy Rubbish will come round to your home at a time and date that suits your schedule and will get rid of your unwanted items without any problems.

Areas we cover

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Speedy and efficient services

We will carry out your house clearance job quickly and efficiently, keeping any disruption to you and others in M2 to a minimum, so you can start to make use of your new- found storage space as soon as possible. To book one of our award-winning services, call anytime on 0161 302 0728 and speak to one of our representatives.

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We’re devoted to doing our bit for the environment

At our company, we see it as our mission to contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of our environment. We want to keep the area of Manchester, M2, clean and in as good a condition as possible, which is why our waste removal services are geared towards recycling as much as possible, because after all, every little bit helps!

Eco-friendly to the fullest

When we’re taking care of your waste clearance job, only a minimal amount of waste will be taken away to landfill sites. The rest will be recycled, so you can rest easy knowing that your unwanted items aren’t adversely affecting the environment. Call us today on 0161 302 0728 to find out more. And here are some other benefits which you gain from us:

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Experience Manchester’s unique vibe

  • Manchester tower - the structure is one of the thinnest skyscrapers in the world with a height to width ratio of 12:1 on the east-west façade.
  • The Manchester Arena also holds some major events throughout the year and regularly holds great shows and productions.
  • There’s plenty of interesting things to do and see in Manchester. The city centre and The Quays, Greater Manchester’s waterfront, offers an array of interesting things to keep people of all ages entertained, and includes different shops, eateries, bars and clubs and regularly holds special events.

Services guaranteed to impress at prices you can afford

For a timely and efficient waste removal service in M3, get in touch with our team today. Experienced and hard-working, we’ll make the process of junk removal seem super easy, because our superior services definitely get results.

  • All of our services can be hired at incredibly reasonable prices, because we don’t want skip hire, which can be expensive and blight the environment, to be your only option.

    That’s why we endeavour to give our clients complete, cheap and accurate quotations!
  • So call us, get yourself a free quote and then make an informed decision about progressing and booking with our company. We’re sure you will when you hear our prices!
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