10 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Pillows

Posted on 23/06/2020

recycling old pillows

Great Ideas to Upcycle Your Old Pillows

Pillows grow old just like everything else. And one day, when doing your house clearance, you might just come up with several such items that you have no longer any use for and your first thought would be to add them to the junk collection or do waste disposal. But don’t be so hasty with such extreme decisions. DIY projects have already assured people that there is not a single thing at home which cannot be reused or repurposed into something else just as practical. What is the point of wasting a perfectly good pillow just because it got old (it could be ripped as well, but most people change pillows solely for age reasons) when you can do any of the following:

1. Make New Pillows

If your pillow simply looks old, then make a new one. Unless you have a very special type of pillow, you can always take a sheet, stuff it with the old pillow’s stuffing and then sew it up tightly (or loosely, depending on taste) to make a new and fresh pillow.

make new pillows

2. Re-stuff Toys

If you are handy with the thread and needle, then you can use the pillow stuffing on toys as well. If your kid or pet had a bad encounter with one of its stuffed animals and ripped it apart, you can fill it up with the pillow stuffing and then sew the toy back together. That, or make new toys altogether!

re-stuffing toys

3. Use for Draft Protection

If your doors don’t fully reach the floor and create drafts when closed, then take an old pillow and shove it down at the base of the door to seal it up. Same goes for window sills.

draft protection

4. Make Floor Cushions

If your child likes playing on the floor, at least make it soft for it. Use the pillows as play mats and give the kid a much more comfortable playing zone.

recycled floor cushions

5. Turn Them into Pet Beds

Your pet can use softer bedding as well. Take the pillow to its crib or basket or plastic bed, or whatever you are using and stuff it with the old pillow. And do make sure to affix it well – some pets like dragging the pillows out and spreading their stuffing around the house.

pet bed

6. Turn Them into Scatter Cushions

Another good use is to get a pillow, cut it in half, seal up the ends and find it a nice new smaller and more colourful pillowcase. And then place it on the sofa or armchairs as a scatter cushion.

DIY scatter cushions

7. Stitch Them into a Japanese Body Pillow

If you like the oriental culture, then you’ll love this idea more than the rubbish disposal one. Take a few old pillows and stitch them together into a full body-length pillow. Whether you’ll add an anime casing over it is up to you.

make a body pillow

8. Use as a Leg Pillow

If the pillow is no longer fit for the head, then push it down a bit and place it underneath the legs. Make your feet more comfortable when sitting on the sofa or in bed.

reuse old pillow as leg pillow

9. Use Stuffing for Fake Snow on Christmas Decorations

Stuffing can be thrown for waste disposal later. First you can make it a bit dirty. When Christmas comes and you want to create a setting of a snowy picture, then simply add the stuffing as snow. Sprinkle it on the Christmas tree or around the decor. And good luck with the domestic clearance and cleaning then.

recycle pillow stuffing into fake snow

10. Use the Stuffing as Packing Material

And, ultimately, you can simply delay the waste disposal by using the stuffing as stuffing for the boxes when you move house. It’s a sure-fire way to keep fragile items safe.

packing material

Don’t throw away the pillows. There are better uses to be had for them other than objects for rubbish removal. Simply use your imagination and think where you can add more comfort.

Daniel McCarty
Daniel McCarty

Since an early age, Daniel's enthusiasm for order has blossomed into a successful career as a waste removal specialist. He takes satisfaction in transforming disorderly spaces into practical ones, providing clients relief from the challenges of clutter.

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