Different Ways to Use Your Old TV

Posted on 23/06/2020

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What Can You Do with Your Old TV?

In today's world, the idea of coming across a TV that's not at least 30 inches wide and flat screen probably seems unlikely. But as many people who've done a house clearance can attest, there are still plenty of them out there. Too old to work or sell, and not really much good to anyone. The most common response when one of these old-style TVs is found during a junk clearance session is just to whisk it off to the tip, and let someone else worry about it. But if you'd rather do something a little more excited with your old TV than getting the rubbish removal team on it, then check out our ideas below:

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Turn it into a bed for your pet

This is such an ingenious use of an old TV, you wonder why you never thought of it yourself. The first step to making this dream a reality is completely tearing out all the inner workings of the TV, and making it safe for your furry friend to inhabit. Unfortunately this means you won't be able to avoid needing a waste collection of some sort in order to ditch the wires and whatnot you take out, but it does mean you don't have to get rid of the actual frame of the TV. Once you've disposed of the electrical components, just decorate as you wish, adding cushions, décor and anything else you think your pet might like. Then sit back as they enjoy their new abode.

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Use it as a drinks cabinet

Just as with the pet bed idea, you'll need to clear out the inside of your old TV, and get rid of the unwanted bits through your rubbish removal service (in fact this is true for all the ideas listed). But once that's done you are free to keep your favourite drinks safely contained in a completely unique and bespoke cabinet that is sure to be a great conversation piece. And to think you were just going to get a rubbish clearance company to take it away for you.

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Grow something in it

Don't have a pet, or not a regular drinker? No problem, you can still avoid having to add your old TV to the rubbish collection pile, by deciding to grow something in it instead. This could be fish, plants or something more exotic like a gecko. Plenty of choice, and a great way to avoid contributing more to your waste collection service and landfill.

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Jewellery cabinet

If you're not too handy, and think that the above seems like a bit too much hard work, then a simple jewellery cabinet could be the ideal solution for you. All you really need to do it do a junk clearance of the inside bits and pieces, and then add some hooks to dangle your beloved necklaces, bracelets or earrings on. Simple.

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Put some new pictures on it

For those who truly don't fancy too much work, then avoid the waste collection for your TV by simple turning it into a space to share your own pictures. Stick some of your kids' artwork on the screen, or some stills of your favourite TV show and pretend your old friend is still working.

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For all those old TVs found during a house clearance, why not use it to house another form of entertainment? Simply gut it out, tidy it up and store all your beloved books inside; aside from being a handy storage space, it's a great statement about the importance of literature over visual media – if you're into that sort of thing.

Daniel McCarty
Daniel McCarty

Since an early age, Daniel's enthusiasm for order has blossomed into a successful career as a waste removal specialist. He takes satisfaction in transforming disorderly spaces into practical ones, providing clients relief from the challenges of clutter.

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