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09Mar 2015

Top Tips to Make Your Shed a Safer Unit

Are you scared to open the doors of your shed? Have you had to warn people to stay away from it in case everything you have in there collapses on top of them, drowning them in rubbish? Here are some shed clearance tips that will turn this dangerous storage unit into the shed of your dreams.

1. Find out what's causing the problem
What is making your shed so impossibly full? Is it the bikes that haven't been taken out in the last three years? Or perhaps all the gardening tools you swore you'll use but haven't even unboxed yet? Do you use the shed as a rubbish disposal for the garden, throwing everything unsightly in there then slamming the door shut in panic? The contents of your shed will determine how long the clearance process takes.
2. With the right cleaning tools, anything is possible!
Now that you know what's causing the problem it's time to get the things you need to help you deal with it. You'll require refuse bags, heavy-duty gloves (you might be unsure of what you'll find in your shed but your hand will definitely need protection), a good strong brush and some boxes to organize the remaining items into.  Do you have enough things to justify skip hire or would a trip to the local tip do the trick? Do you need a wheelbarrow to make moving the waste more manageable? Make sure that everything is in place before you start clearing.
3. Discard the big things
The first step is to get rid of the biggest items as they tend to take up the most space thus causing the greatest problems. Start junk removal by bagging excess rubbish or throwing it into the skip if you opted for skip hire. Next move onto the things you don't necessarily want to throw away but don't particularly want to keep either. That old lawnmower you haven't used since you started borrowing your neighbour's? The collection of planting pots you got three Christmases ago? Get in touch with friends and neighbours and they may be pleasantly surprised at the useful things you are offering them for free!
4. Clean the rest of the clutter
Once the big things are out of the way it's time to hone in on the smaller items and depending on the way you acquire things this can prove to be the most time-consuming aspect of the job. Once everything is bagged it is time to bust out the cleaning materials which depending on the style of shed you have and just how clean you'd like it could be a quick brush or a thorough clean through, disinfecting everything in sight.
5. Plan for the future
Now that your shed is almost the same condition you bought it in it is time to assess why it got so cluttered. Is it your collecting habits or does it simply prove to be a useful place to hide unsightly garden items or store extra tools and toys?
6. Hire professional help
If you don't have the time, can't face the idea of spending a Sunday afternoon with your head stuck in the shed or are getting ready for a big house clearance you should consider using clearance services. Available locally there's usually somebody out there for every budget and they can make the otherwise unpleasant activity of waste disposal relatively stress-free.

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