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17Jun 2015

Recycling the Right Way

Carrying out a broad rubbish removal in Chelsea isn't always about rounding things up and throwing them into the trash because they are trash. Granted that there will be things that don't always warrant recycling. What is important is that you are able to differentiate the two in order to know which ones are important to throw away and which ones should be recycled.

1) You need to know what you can and cannot recycle in Chelsea, SW3. When people think of recycling, it's tempting to think that we can recycle everything, and yet this is so far away from the truth. Things such as metal and wood as well as plastic and paper can be recycled. There are also programmes to recycle plastic bags, as they are a danger to the environment. If you are unsure about anything, it is in your best interest to check and confirm that what you are thinking of recycling is indeed recyclable.

2) Many people forget to recycle their used water. This is such a commonly overlooked fact, however so many in the SW10 region are missing out on this! Get a plumber to rearrange your plumbing, so that the water from your shower can be used for your toilet. There is an excessive amount of water being wasted in the world and it will definitely help keep your water bill down, too!

3) Ensure that you are having your electronics and batteries recycled properly. When you have a printer that doesn't work or an old laptop that you don't want to sell or have repaired, recycling is the answer. It is part of your rubbish clearance in SW3. However, you cannot just go and dump it into any site or landfill or leave it with the rest of junk for the rubbish collection. Find places like local repair shops as well as trade schools or people who like it as a hobby. Lots of libraries have incorporated banks where you can go and dispose of batteries. Also, online portals and platforms have plenty of programmes that they run to donate and dispose of electronics in a safe manner.

4) Use local charity shops. Charity shops are some of the best places where you can take your goods for recycling after a house clearance in Chelsea. Think of all the clothes that you do not wear. They can be new and you grew out of the size or you don't like their design any more, or ones which are previously worn however someone else can still make good use out of them. What is important is that you hand them to someone who will appreciate them and not just throw the clothes away. Be mindful of what you choose to donate, things like underwear and socks won't go down very well, unless brand new and not worn with labels attached.

5) Make full use of the bins that are kept on your kerbside by the waste collection agencies. They will usually and often give you separate bins to put your glass, paper and wood into. The reason for this is that when they take the stuff to the appropriate places, it becomes easier to sort out everything, rather than rake through it all.

All in all, recycling is one of the best ways to help others enjoy what you do as well. It is pointless with the amount of waste on the planet just to throw things away at will. When you can recycle what is in your house, you will find that consumption of things on a frivolous scale goes down instantly. This makes waste collection easier too.

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