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26Feb 2015

Give Your House the Needed Makeover and Revamp

Spring is the ideal time to give your house a makeover and revamp. This is the time when the sun is shining and motivation is high to get everything looking spick and span for the upcoming summer months. A typical spring cleaning checklist might look something like this:

-    Dusting window sills and shelves

-    Vacuuming carpets and mopping tiles and other floor surfaces

-    Changing throws, blankets and pillow

-    Old furniture disposal

-    Rotating rugs to reduce wear and tear

-    Changing curtains to lighter fabrics for summer

-    Checking air vents

-    Changing batteries in devices such as smoke detectors and remotes

-    Checking expiry dates on medications in the bathroom cabinet

-    Changing all bed sheets to light fabrics for summer

-    Dusting light bulbs and lamp shades

-    Restocking all your cleaning supplies
-    Clean behind appliances such as the fridge and oven to make sure pipes are dust free

To go one step further with your cleaning, why not use spring cleaning as a perfect chance for a domestic clearance. This is the opportunity to declutter the home, do some serious junk disposal and waste removal while getting your home clearance under control. When undertaking a house clearance, use this structure for the best result:

Start by creating four categories for each room:

1.    Keep: these are the items you are certainly going to keep and have no doubt about keeping. This may include practical items such as the dining room table or the television, or sentimental items such as photo frames and keepsakes that you don’t want to throw out.

2.    Throw out: here are the items that are old, broken or damaged and are simply taking up unnecessary space. Often these are the type of items that have been loitering around for some time and you have never taken the final step to throw them out. Spring cleaning is the perfect chance to bite the bullet and throw out the unnecessary dust collectors cluttering up your home.

3.    Donate: items that you don’t want anymore, but are in reasonable condition, can be donated to charity stores. Most charity stores accept donations of books, toys, clothes, sports equipment and some furniture items. It is important to check that they accept furniture before donating it. Make sure the items are in functioning condition and are clean and presentable before donating them.

4.    Sell: if you have items that are in very good condition but you don’t want them anymore for whatever reason, you can always try to sell them. There are many online classified websites such as eBay other sites that you can use to sell items. Another option is to have a garage sale after a spring clean. This is a good chance to try and sell any little nick knacks as well as larger furniture items. Anything that doesn’t sell in the garage sale can then be donated to charity.

There are many different ways to adhere to these categories. You can make physical piles in each room so that you can visually see what is going where. Or you can use a colour coded labelling system where you place sticky notes or other forms of labels on items around the room. This is good if you are uncertain about what needs to go in which category so you can have a chance to think about it before making a final decision.

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