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06Oct 2015

Helpful Repurpose and Recycle Ideas

Whenever you go through all your rooms when doing house clearance you can stumble upon numerous objects which you will naturally label as junk and prepare to throw them away, or, if they are too many, call around a waste removal company. But all that would be a waste – a waste of money and a waste of good, usable resources. Instead of paying a junk disposal team to get rid of supposedly unwanted items, why don’t you put your imagination at work and try to come up with ways to reuse the items you find. Everything can be repurposed into something useful, and only your imagination can limit you from seeing that. To give it a push, here are some ideas for the most commonly discarded items.

1. Cans
Of course you can find further uses for cans. They are containers and containers can be used for a myriad of things. At the very least, you can make a pencil and pen box. Or a place to store your paperclips, or even a candle holder. If you want to be more creative than that, then make a hanging candle holder – or several! – and place them on a wall to have your emergency lamp system, or just a source of romantic light.

2. Old Tools
Tools should definitely be thrown away as they are sturdy items which can come in handy in a variety of ways. The most effortless thing you can do with your tools is to take the spanners and bend them on an anvil, and then nail them to a wall to create brand new – and thematic! – coat hangers. Hammerheads can be carved into pen holders. Saws can be dulled until they become harmless and then made into parts of an end table, or a small chair, a rake can be remade into a rack, and so on. Put a theme to a room with your whole inventory of tools.

3. Crates
You can breathe a whole new life to crates. Again, as containers they already have a variety of uses. They can hold all your wine and liquor bottles or be turned into wine holders or racks. With a little work and polish they can become beds for your pets, or, covered with a waste bag, they can be waste disposal bins to ease up your recyclable item distribution.

4. Utensils, Cutlery, and Other Kitchenware
Old utensils are definitely not junk. There are so many ways to reuse them, your head will spin. Glasses and cups can become pencil or candle holders. Broken pots and plates can separate your lawn from your garden. Bowls can be used as pots, and all the smaller cutlery can be reshaped and adorned to be used as hangers, or you can flatten them and use them as a variety of decorations in your garden. And all the smaller plates and coffee cups can work their way up to becoming decent bird feeders which you can hang off the branches of the tree in your yard.

5. Tyres
Instead of dumping tyres in the landfill to pollute the environment, you can instead create a variety of useful things, like a lawn obstacle course for physical exercises, or a swing for your children, or pots and planters for your garden, or make a fence or decorations out of them. The possibilities are many, and all you need to do is think about them and pick a favourite.

Not everything you consider as junk is really junk. That would mean it is unusable, and you just read about how items can be reused in a variety of purposes, and not once was junk removal mentioned. Be creative and find a purpose for your old possessions.

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