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30Jun 2015

Best Ideas for Refreshing Your Home

Sometimes you can get tired of the same old decor in Bow that you have had for years. It’s normal when you have lived somewhere for a while that it may start to look outdated and as you change then yours tastes probably will too. Revamping your carpets, adding wood floors and changing furniture can really give you a fresh start, more space and is a cheaper alternative to a big, costly move. Alternatively modernising the look of your home can raise the value and get the sold sign up much faster. Adding new stuff is the fun part, but here is a helpful guide for the not so fun home clearance beforehand.

-    For stress-free junk removal and so you can get straight to the good part then the easiest way is to get in touch with house clearance professionals in Bow, E3. An experienced team of people can transform your home back into a blank canvas in no time at all, cutting out all the hard work. Watch them work while you sit and sketch out plans for your new home.

-    Figure out what you can re-use. Sometimes old furniture can be painted, sanded or varnished to really improve the look. This is a great cost effective way to change the home. Decide what can stay first so you can cut down on some of the rubbish removal and furniture removal needed.

-    Look into storage or maybe clearing out your garage or basement as well so that you can easily put things away. Furniture you might want to sell later, old things you may not have used in a while, can all benefit from going into storage creating more space to your home in the E14 area.

-    Get a plan of action in place first. Rubbish, old furniture and carpets can build up quickly, decide if you will be making several trips to the dump, looking into skip hire or home clearance services. When you have a plan in place to begin with then you can relax as the rubbish begins to pile up.

-    Draw up plans, take cuttings from home magazines. If you have an idea of where you are going with your design then it will be much easier to get a plan in place. You will also drum up some excitement in yourself so that it will push you to get started. Go into home stores in E3 and get some paint samples, find out what colours inspire you.

-    Look into loft or basement renovations. If you are looking for more space, maybe your family is growing or you could do with and extra room or office. Loft conversions or adding a basement can be a great way to expand, add value and save you the hassle of a move. Especially if you love your home in Bow. There are plenty of companies that provide loft clearance and basement junk services that can help you out with the initial work. Or start clearing slowly with a mind of getting things done in the future, it can be something worth saving towards.

There will be nothing more satisfying than sitting in your new home done in your own style. Chances are you won’t be able to wait to show it off to your friends. Clearance can be hard work but it’s much easier to see your vision if you have a blank space to work on, not to mention getting rid of all that useless stuff will really help clear your whole home and give you a fresh start so you can sit back and enjoy your new space.

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