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31Mar 2015

Best Ways to Dispose of and Recycle White Goods?

Has your old microwave been giving you the stink eye but you've kept it all these years because you are unsure of the best way to get rid of it? Have you accumulated a pile of old white goods in your home in Bayswater that you'll never use again? Here are some simple steps you can take to safely and responsibly have a clearance while also helping the environment (and who doesn't want that!)

Assess the volume
Do you have an old toaster sitting in a box in the kitchen or is your basement in Bayswater, W2 packed full of old white appliances? Have you been putting off getting a new washing machine because getting rid of the leaky old one seems like too much hassle? Make a list of all the items you want to get rid of – a lot of small things tend to be easier to shift than a freezer or a tumble dryer so let the overall volume dictate the best course of action for this particular junk disposal job.

Small electrical goods
If you have a lot of small, easily transportable electrical items you should consider donating them to local charity shops or furniture re-use organisations. If your items are in good condition and not too expensive to ship, why don't you post them up on online auction sites? It's a win-win situation. You get to make some extra money, reduce your carbon footprint and help somebody else get that dehydrator they always wanted for a fraction of the price. Similarly, there are plenty of item exchange services available on the internet where you can swap your old kettle for something of use. If you enjoy organizing events you can put together a swap in town and invite friends and neighbours to bring items they aren't using. If you like, you could this waste clearance into a charity event!

Large electrical goods
If you have a lot of large items like an old refrigerator or a cooker it can be difficult and expensive to take them to a shop or to ship them. Many local councils offer white goods recycling services that include pick up. If that's not available in your area and the items are still functional, you can post an ad on gumtree or in your local newspaper specifying that the potential buyer would be responsible for item pick up.

Donate old scrap to local projects
You could donate old electrical scrap parts (assuming they are not dangerous) or broken electric goods to local fix-up shops, schools that teach electrical engineering or even your friend that recently picked up electrical engineering as a hobby!

Hire some professionals
Maybe your local council in Bayswater doesn't do a pick up. Your car may be too small to for the fridge that needs to be taken down to the recycling centre. If you have too many items to dispose of or you simply want somebody else to take charge of this particular job you should consider employing the services of a house clearance company. Most property clearance services offer white goods recycling as part of the service and will pick up and pack the items without you needing to lift a finger. Ask friends and neighbours about the best ones in your area – word of mouth recommendations and reviews are a good place to start. Once you've hired the right people for the job, sit back and enjoy shopping for that new washing machine.

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