Boiler Removal & Disposal

Boiler Removal

Boilers can be removed simply by our expert two man truck teams. Our trucks are very spacious and it doesn’t matter how big or small an item is, our truck will take it. We only charge you for the taken up space. Typically, a boiler is about 0.25 cubic yards. We can remove it from anywhere within your property. Prior to removal, boilers must be disconnected and removed from the wall. Then we can collect it.

Boiler Recycling

Generally boilers are fully recyclable and can easily be re-conditioned for re-use. We take the boilers that cannot be reused to the local transfer station. Here they will be processed to be recycled. We don’t just remove boilers. We can remove lots of other items too such as white goods, skirting, radiators, bathrooms and anything else that involves waste streams. Even just large piles of general waste.

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