Garden Cuttings and Green Waste Disposal

Affordable garden cuttings and green waste removal

Whatever quantity, we can clear any tree clippings and garden cuttings you have. Whether Leyandii clippings, piles of mowed grass or chopped down connifers, our team can load anything from anywhere in your garden. We charge clippings by cubic yard. In any collection, we can take up to 26 cubic yards. We put clippings into big grab bags in order to make the process faster when loading onto the truck.

Green waste and Garden clippings recycling

The majority of green waste we take is sent to a local transfer station. Here it will be chipped and prepared ready to be composted. In addition to green waste, we are able to clear lots of other things from your garden including a garden shed, old furniture, greenhouse rubbish and other things. We are only able to take little amounts of certain items such as rubble, concrete and stones. We cannot take soil, only that within a pot.

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