Garden Shed Removal, Demolition & Emptying

Shed Removal

With our shed clearance, demolition and emptying service, we can remove anything from your shed or the shed itself. However, we do not undertake any heavy demolition work. In other words, a shed should be able to be knocked down without a need for special equipment aside from a wrench and hammer. Anything from your shed can be taken away by us including old furniture, lawnmowers, and any other junk that you may have collected over the years. All loading will be taken care of by our two man team.

Shed Recycling

Everything we collect, we try to recycle – even a shed. The majority of things found within a shed can easily be recycled and sometimes can be re-used. Whether it’s garden tools or an old lawnmower it can be done. Depending on how full or large a shed is, the belongings of a shed normally equate to about 2-6 cubic yards. To demolish a shed, it normally equates to about 2-4 cubic yards and in time, takes around 10 – 20 minutes. Yet again, this depends on how much is within it and how large it is.

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