se7 rubbish clearance across se3Life in Gorgeous and Scenic Greenwich

Greenwich is an area that can be found in South East London, in the London Borough of Greenwich. The area has lots of maritime routes that make it a popular place amongst those with an interest in the navy. It’s also known for lending its name to the Greenwich Mean Time and the Greenwich Meridian. One of the most beautiful sights to be seen in Greenwich is the Palace of Placentia, a palace believed to date back to the fifteenth century. Both Elizabeth I and Henry VIII were born in the palace, making it a fascinating and historical place to visit, with many rooms still open to the public. There are many things in Greenwich that shouldn’t be missed, including the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Park and the many shopping and restaurant facilities that can be found in the town centre. One of the most exciting features of the area is the Greenwich Market, which dates back to the 1700s, where unique items, trinkets and antiques can be bought.  Whatever your passions may be, Greenwich is the best place!

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