w11 dispose of builders waste in notting hillAn Area With History

If you were to break down the most important residential regions in London, Notting Hill is an area that would surely be up for discussion. Notting Hill today can be considered one of the most upmarket regions of the capital. Celebrities in their droves choose to live in the region, with many of the properties in the area selling for millions. Tourists also tend to flock there due to attractions such as Portobello Road Market and Notting Hill carnival. However, it was once upon a time a very different place, and holds specific relevance to the London we see elsewhere around the capital. The area was first developed in the 1820s and developed a name for being “artsy” and “alternative”, a reputation that in many regards still stands to this very day. During the 20th century the area became home to many Caribbean immigrants, who would add to and be the forerunners to the multi-cultural capital we see today. The race riots that would occur in 1958 would also change the face of the area. If you don’t already class Notting Hill as one of the most important areas in London’s history, then you should.

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