Photocopier Removal & Disposal

Photocopier Removal

Our professional junk removal team can easily remove photocopies from anywhere on the premises. Whether that’s in an office block top floor of wherever else, we can do it all. We can remove other office items, in addition to photocopies, including TV’s, monitors, computers and fridges. We can also remove furniture items such as office chairs and desks. Typically, an average photocopier is around 2 cubic yards. Smaller ones could measure much less.

Photocopier Recycling

Photocopiers can be recycled though they need special treatment. If a photocopier is in good condition, we will send it to be re-conditioned and re-used. Because of the weight of photocopiers, we typically try to deconstruct the layers before removing. Our vans are equipped with sack-trucks and tail-lifts making moving easier.

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