Radiator Removal & Disposal

Radiator Removal at Affordable Rates

Besides standard types of junk, our teams consisting of two persons and a truck can remove items like radiators and heaters. We are capable of clearing away nearly all types of heaters and radiators, regardless of whether they are part of a central gas heating or standalone electric pieces. All the loading from anywhere within the property will be carried out by our teams. The size of an average wall gas radiator would be approximately 0.25 cubic yards. A standalone heater would usually be even smaller.

Radiator Recycling

Normally, heaters and radiators can be completely recycled. After removing them, we will send them to a transfer station in the local area. Here they will be processed and prepared for recycling. The heaters which are in good condition can be sent to be re-used. Besides radiators, we can remove other items too, like baths, skirting, boilers, basins and most of the other kinds of waste left over after a refurbishment.

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