Rubble Collection & Disposal

Rubble Disposal

We can only remove limited volumes of rubble because of its density and weight. Those volumes would be equivalent to about 20-30 bricks. Generally, we can remove most types of rubble, provided that it is categorized as ‘clean hardcore’ rubble. This means it has not been mixed up with other waste types like soil or wood. If it has been, a weight supplement will always be incurred and this is only acceptable in small volumes again.

Rubble Recycling

We can remove bricks, stones, paving slabs and other waste in addition to rubble – but only in small amounts. Other types of building waste can also be taken away, like plasterboard for instance. However, plasterboard needs to be separated clearly from any other waste types, because it will be processed separately too. Rubble is completely recyclable, and is normally recycled as some aggregate form.

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