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Affordable Sofa Removal

Sofa disposal and removal by Handy Rubbish couldn't be simpler. Whether it’s a three piece suite or a single arm chair, our two man team can clear away a sofa from wherever within your property. Typically, a three seat sofa is about 2 cubic yards. A single arm chair is about 0.5 cubic yards. Our teams are fully trained and equipped to break down any sofa that needs to be deconstructed in order to be removed.

Reliable Sofa Disposal

If sofas have the proper fire labels on them and are generally in good condition, they can be sent to be re-used. Settees and sofas without these will be recycled. In addition to settees, sofas and three piece suits, we can clear away other furniture and white goods too, including general junk around the home, garden or office. With our sofa removal service, we even offer a next day service that is available to households and businesses.

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