n2 rubbish removal companies in barnetBarnet & Its Suburban-Feel

The Barnet district is a suburban area of north London that is 10 miles from the central station of Charing Cross. With its own tube station known as High Barnet, it is in zone 5 of London’s transport districts and is at the very end of the Northern Line. In addition to this, it also has its own over-ground train station which leads out towards Welwyn Garden City or closer in towards the central zones. Located at the very edge of the city, it is a relatively quiet area that has a small town-feel. Largely self-contained, it has its own range of high-street shops, coffee shops and pubs. Houses here tend to be below the London average, making this a quiet area that is affordable and relatively well-connected to the centre. Surrounding towns include Monken Hadley, Whetstone, Arkley and Oakwood, as well as Totteridge, Southgate and Hadley Wood. Part of the London Borough of Barnet, the EN5 and N2 areas are privy to large country areas and beautiful suburban housing. The Barnet Museum is also a popular place for history-lovers and has a wealth of interesting archaeological pieces that are local to the area.

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