5 Reasons to Recycle or Reuse Your Clothes

Posted on 23/06/2020

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Why Is It Important to Recycle Your Old Clothes?

We could all do with recycling more, and while many of us are dependent on our local waste collection service to recycle paper, plastic and metal, there is one thing we can take control of when it comes to recycling: our clothes. There are so many eco-friendly rubbish disposal options for clothes, that it's a bit silly that we don't do it more. But often we don't realise the powerful effect that something as simple as recycling or reusing our clothes can have. Below we look at five top reasons to recycle or reuse your clothes. (Now you've got no excuse!)

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1. It's good for the planet

Reason number one for any form of recycling over waste disposal at a landfill is always the positive impact it has on the planet. The more you're able to reuse or recycle old clothing, the less room it takes up in landfill (which are already bursting at the seams). As a result you help reduce greenhouse gases, the spread of diseases, and damage to our natural landscape, helping to protect wildlife. Now, doesn't that sound like a good reason?

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2. It could help out the less fortunate

If you want to make your clothes donation do even more good, then think about the impact it could have on someone less fortunate, if next time you do a house clearance, you recycle your old clothes or donate them to charity. When you donate them to a local charity shop, for example, you help raise funds for vital services, healthcare treatment, and support for the less fortunate. And when you recycle your clothes at a clothes bank, instead of leaving them for your rubbish collection service, they are often sent to developing nations or those in need. Your old coat could protect someone from freezing to death, that's definitely worth donating it.

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3. You could make some money

Obviously there is reward in doing a good deed, but if you fancy a bit more of a reward, you could actually get paid to donate your clothes. Which you definitely won't get if you just have them collected by the council waste removal service. There are a growing number of services who will pay for old clothes, so have a browse on the internet and see what you can find near you. Generally the more you donate, the more you'll earn, so get cracking on your junk clearance and contact a dedicated clothes rubbish removal service, and sit back and watch the money come to you.

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4. It saves you money

Here's another financial incentive: recycling or reusing clothes saves money. Unlike other recyclable items, you don't even need to do a waste clearance to recycle clothes, you can turn them into something else yourself! Why not learn to sew, and use your kids' old baby clothes to make a quilt – a perfect memento of your family and a great use of old clothes. Or if you've got old clothes that are in disrepair, learn how to repair them – fashions always come back round and your reused 'vintage' items will be far cheaper than buying something new.

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5. It's easy to do

The beauty of recycling or donating clothes is that it's so easy to do. There's no huge risk to your safety when dealing with clothes, unlike when you're trying to recycle an appliance or large furniture. And what's even better is that you can often have someone come to you and do a house call for clothes related rubbish clearance, meaning you often don't even have to leave the house to dump your old clothes. How much easier could it get?

Daniel McCarty
Daniel McCarty

Since an early age, Daniel's enthusiasm for order has blossomed into a successful career as a waste removal specialist. He takes satisfaction in transforming disorderly spaces into practical ones, providing clients relief from the challenges of clutter.

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