What to Do with Old White Goods?

Posted on 23/06/2020

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Amazing Ideas for Your Old Household Appliances and White Goods?

Household appliances are more of an investment and necessity than just a splurge and are bought with a purpose of them lasting longer. However, if they’ve been you for way too long and are giving you more trouble than you can handle, maybe it’s time to replace them. In case your white goods are still in good condition, you can also pass them on to someone else.  

If you are planning on buying new white goods, it is essential to dispose of your old appliances in an eco-friendly way. Therefore, you should insist upon buying products that are designed for waste recycling. It will make your white goods both energy and water efficient, and will reduce landfill waste, conserve important resources, and reduce the greenhouse gasses released during the waste disposal process.  

Apart from re-selling and recycling, you can also give it back to the retailers or people who can use the metal in the goods again and again. If you’re still wondering about what to do with that old refrigerator of yours, here is a list of things you can do with your old white goods.  

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Send it back to the retailer

Before buying your appliance, check with the manufacturer or retailer if they take up the old white goods after a few years. Some of them take a fee or a delivery charge to do the same, but most manufacturers take the old white goods back. Most of these products go to waste recycling companies that reuse the metal from the appliances. In case of other recyclable products, a lot of manufacturers send them for eco-friendly rubbish disposal as well.  

When buying a product for yourself, you could ask your retailer and see the impact of the same on the environment and make an informed decision.  

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Give it for metal recycling

Appliances are made of two-thirds of steel, and thus, can be given to metal recyclers who will scrape the appliance of its metal and reuse it for other products. This makes for efficient reuse of the product parts and very less of it ends of in landfills. So by sending your items for white goods recycling you are protecting the environment.  

However, the remaining waste, also known as ‘shredder flock’, has hazardous substances that are highly toxic in nature and do no good to the environment after ending up in waste collection areas of the city. You can however, do you bit by choosing products that are recyclable and qualify for white goods recycling.   

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Give it away

If the appliance is still in good condition and can be reused by someone else apart from you, you can give it away. There are many charities in need of white goods and therefore, instead of sending the product off to some rubbish removal place, you can give it to them. There are many websites that allow you to put up your goods online and give them away to the ones in need.   

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Sell it off

If you don’t want to give your old appliance away for reuse, you can sell it off to some friends or family members who may be in need of it. This will add a couple of extra years to your white goods and save the environment from potential damage by reducing landfill waste. You can also put it up on eBay or any other reselling website and get a good price for your old appliance.   

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Get it repaired

Modern appliances today last way shorter than their older cousins. To keep your appliance off the rubbish disposal grounds for long, you can get it repaired for a small price. If the appliance has only a handful of glitches, it is always a better option to get it repaired than actually dispose of it.   

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Recycle it

The best option while getting rid of your old white goods is to get them recycled. Since most of these appliances are made of metal and many of its combinations, it may contain a lot of toxic elements. Putting out so many toxic gasses into the environment not only adds up on the landfill, but also contaminates the environment around it and is life threatening.  

Hence, it is always a good idea to talk to your retailer about the efficiency, reusability, and recyclability of the appliance before buying it. It is always the best approach to buy a product that can be recycled so that you’re saving the environment at the end of its lifespan and saving money on waste disposal.

Daniel McCarty
Daniel McCarty

Since an early age, Daniel's enthusiasm for order has blossomed into a successful career as a waste removal specialist. He takes satisfaction in transforming disorderly spaces into practical ones, providing clients relief from the challenges of clutter.

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