e6 residential rubbish disposal in east hamLiving in East Ham

Located in the London Borough of Newham, East Ham is a suburban district that covers the postcode area of E6. Primarily known for its quiet village life, there is a number of parks and green spaces dotting the countryside. Formally known as ‘hamme’ or ‘hame’, it means a dry area of land between rivers in old English.  The location is bordered by the rivers Lea, Roding and Thamesand and it wasn’t developed until the railway station was constructed in 1859. This is why most of the architecture in the area includes Edwardian and Victorian terraced town houses, often in tree-lined areas. Central Park and Plashet Park both offe open spaces that combine playgrounds and cafes. East Ham has a multi-cultural population made mostly of African, South Asians, Caribbean and eastern European residents. Transport links to the main city can be found on the District and Hammersmith lines on the Underground that service East Ham and Upton Park station. Owing to its variant population, there are many stores and restaurants in the area that offer different ethnic groups cuisines and commodities typical for each of them.

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