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Hackney Wick borders the Boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets in east London. The area used to be a centre of industry and commerce, with much of the building in the area being industrial, warehousing and so on. Many of these buildings are older historical warehouses, but there are a few newer developments. The area lost much of its industry in the latter years of the industrial boom, and in recent years the warehouses have been developed in to less industrial uses, mainly being taken over by artists, who develop the spaces as low cost live work spaces. This has formed a blooming community of art people living in the area. Whilst the low rent in these areas meant that those creatives moving out of the inflating areas nearby moved in, this has sparked new interest in the area from developers. That means the region will not last long as a creative hub with so much land and old buildings to be redeveloped, just as much of the rest of east London has seen. The area is also newly popular as Hackney Wick station has joined the overground network, linking it to Highbury and Islington on the Victoria line, and Stratford on the central.

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