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Hire our Berrylands rubbish clearance professionals - our phone lines are open now at 020 3540 8282, and our office staff are on hand to set you up with your ideal clearing service team. We can send our staff to your house, flat, bungalow, wherever, and they’ll help you get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Disused appliances, old clothes, and other general junk are ideal targets. We will help you clear some useful space by getting rid of items that you probably don’t even remember owning.

KT5 Rubbish Disposal Berrylands

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Our KT5 waste removal of your garden is a different type of clearing service, but we can supply it regardless. If your garden doesn’t look in the way you want, we can help fix it. Loose hedge and grass clippings are disposed of easily, as is litter, old gardening tools and so on. We’ll make your garden a place to be proud of again.

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The garage is where complex machinery and tools live, and this can be tough to clear. Our rubbish disposal KT5 specialists can take care of it though. They’ll take extra care with potentially hazardous materials and tools, and make sure they’re disposed of properly.

List of services we provide in Berrylands, KT5

  • Household Rubbish Clearance Berrylands, KT5
  • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Berrylands, KT5
  • Building Waste Removal Berrylands, KT5
  • Garden Rubbish Removal Berrylands, KT5
  • Electronic Waste Collection Berrylands, KT5
  • Garage Clearance Berrylands, KT5

Rubbish Clearance in Berrylands - Here’s A Quick Run Down

The office often needs a little more care to clear, thanks to sensitive data and records. Naturally, this isn’t a problem. If you are looking to re-invent your office space, or just give it a quick clean up, you only need to get in touch with us and we will provide you with the best KT5 waste collection Berrylands!

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The most beautiful part of our rubbish removal services in Berrylands, KT5 is that they are easy to hire. Our staff at 020 3540 8282 will run you through the process and book you an appointment in no time at all. So if you are looking for a convenient and dependable answer to your Berrylands waste disposal KT5 woes, just call Handy Rubbish today, and all will be sorted (and cleared) with ease.


TestimonialsThe blokes just got done with my waste removal and all went well. They were friendly and seemed to know what they were doing. I'd recommend them to anyone in Berrylands KT5.

  • Gretchen M.
  • 15Apr 2021

TestimonialsNone better than these guys when it comes to affordable waste removal in KT5.

  • Janet T.
  • 25Jan 2021

TestimonialsAfter I moved to my new home in KT5, I had to find a good rubbish collection company. My next-door neighbour uses this company, so I decided to try them. They do so well, that I never had to call another service. Thanks!

  • Gregory Samuels
  • 24Nov 2020

TestimonialsMy sister just bought a fixer-upper in Berrylands and got right to work. She hired this company for their cheap builders waste removal services. They did a great job.

  • Heather B.
  • 10Sep 2020

TestimonialsYard work is the absolute worst. I've never had to do so much work in my life since moving to Berrylands. So thankful that Handy Rubbish is here and able to handle my gardening waste clearance needs. You, guys, rock!

  • C.J.
  • 30Apr 2020

TestimonialsAfter so many days without decluttering my house, they came to my rescue and did an awesome job. I wouldn't have asked for more. No other KT5 company has ever served me so well.

  • Dan G.
  • 24Jan 2020

TestimonialsI needed a quick rubbish removal at my Berrylands property. Handy Rubbish had the cheapest rates out of all of the waste removal companies I called, and they do a good job.

  • Bernice Waller
  • 08Nov 2019

TestimonialsThese guys work on time. I remember scheduling for waste removal in Berrylands and having them show up first thing in the morning. Their prices are reasonable, and the personnel is skilled.

  • Tom B.
  • 12Aug 2019

TestimonialsDidn't have to stress for one minute with the rubbish when I left it to Handy Rubbish in Berrylands, they took care of it for me.

  • S. Plain
  • 10Jun 2019

TestimonialsI called Handy Rubbish a few days ago to see if I could get help with junk clearance at my new place and they sent someone out to Berrylands KT5 right away to help me take care of it. Great service.

  • U. Tanya
  • 27May 2019

TestimonialsHandy Rubbish arrived when they said they would and told me just what they were going to do. Price quoted and charged was very competitive, best in Berrylands. Excellent rubbish clearance company!

  • Scott B.
  • 31Jan 2019

TestimonialsI thought that the cost of rubbish disposal in Berrylands would be really high. But when I heard the quote of this company in KT5, I was more than happy to hire them! Great work!

  • Martin
  • 08Dec 2016

kt5 rubbish collection in berrylandsLooking for Somewhere to Live? Try Berrylands, It’ll Do Wonders for Your Health!

It’s a residential neighbourhood that is located close to the River Thames. It’s part of the London borough of Kingston, and the post code area of KT5. It’s a popular commuter route, so transport is convenient. Berrylands name originates from when it was an Anglo-Saxon settlement, and it means ‘land on a hill’. Simple and to the point, wouldn’t you agree? The residential population of Berrylands is well catered for by a variety of shopping centres. These are located in; Alexandria Drive, Berrylands Road and Children Drive. Each of them have a lot to offer, and are part of the reason why Berrylands is an easy place to live. Befitting its nature as a commuter route, Berrylands has a few public transport options. There’s Berrylands railway station, and a bunch of Transport for London buses. Each of them has useful links, including to Central London. There is a great deal of housing opportunities in Berrylands, so becoming a part of this community is a very simple process!

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