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Hampton is an area in the south west of the Greater London area, and is based around a village settlement, meaning that in the heart of the area is a quaint older area. This is naturally very attractive to residents and those moving in who want a beautiful place to live, and its proximity to London itself means that this is an area rip for commuting to the city. The area has one of the few remaining public heated open air swimming pools in the city, and with so much of the area adjacent to the river, there is a watery theme throughout the area. Much of the old buildings along the river Thames are still there, like in nearby Kingston upon Thames and Richmond, and they form great points of historical interest. Garrick house and its adjoining Shakespeare’s temple are great examples of this, and are well worth a visit. Whilst the area lies in the Borough of Richmond, the actual post code is the ‘TW’ region, denoting proximity to Twickenham, which fans of international Rugby will be pleased by, given the stadium being so nearby.

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