ha3 furniture recycling kentonKenton the Charming Place to Reside

Kenton is an area in North West London and is part in the area of Harrow and in Brent. The main postcode is HA3. It is a stunning hamlet and located in a lovely area. Today it has lovely mansions, and residential areas and ample facilities. Kenton was originally recorded as far back as 1232, and known as Keninton, a personnel name which means the farm of Coena, a family who lived near the area. Up to the 20th century, it was a tiny area and mainly concentrated in Kenton Lane, to the east. The main road through the hamlet is Kenton road. Kenton railway station was opened in 1912 and this increased the development of the hamlet, so it became a lovely picturesque place to dwell. The area is well-known for its public houses, residential areas and good schools. The Plough was the first public house and opened in the 18th century. Today a modern Indian/ Chinese restaurant called Blue Ginger stands in the same location, but not in the same building. The Windermere is on Windermere Avenue and built in 1938, is a grade ll public house with a historic interior.

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