e14 property junk collectors in leamouthLeamouth - a Lovely Place to Live In

Leamouth is an L-shaped piece of land that sits west of the river Lea and meets with the River Thames. It has joined to the east and west main road between Lower Lea Crossing and the A13. The postcode for the area is E14. Apart from fishing and farming, it was inhabited until the late 16th century, when a house was built, with a moat and orchard. Later in the 18th century the first pub was built and stayed open until 1860, when it was replaced with a bake house, skittle ground and cow house.  A poverty-stricken area for much of the 19th century, with poor people, mainly due to its isolated location, until a galvanized iron manufacturer in the 1960’s and oil refinery opened up the area. Better transport links and new developments have improved the area. Colorful  shipping containers dominate the Trinty Buoy Wharf, where some actually operate as working art and community projects. An American diner is also located here. There is the Bow ecology park a haven for wildlife and an interesting nature park. London’s only lighthouse can be found here and some leisure and cultural facilities.

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