Rubbish Removal Purley CR8

Rubbish clearance Purley services can be extremely useful both inside and outside of your home. They will assist you with things such as organisation, junk removal clearance and rubbish collection amongst many other things. These services can be there to help you out, if you can’t face doing the work alone, and are great for busy families, who don’t want to waste precious time together stuck inside sorting through everyone’s things. These services ensure that you can still have a life, while your home remains tidy and a calming environment for both you and your family, something, which in the busy lifestyle that everyone leads today, can really be a little luxury. If it is a treat that you are looking for, call Handy Rubbish on 020 3540 8282 to book a waste disposal CR8.

Rubbish Clearance Services in Purley CR8

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Companies, who are willing to come and help you with Purley rubbish disposal, will all offer you different things. Some may offer advice and work with you to solve your problems, whereas others will help you do the work, and you need to decide what is the best option for you in your home - we offer both. Along with the tasks listed in the introduction, CR8 waste clearance services such as ourselves may help you with many things such as furniture disposal. This is what you should do, if you have old furniture that you no longer use, as it helps to free up space in your home. That can either be used for some furniture you want, or you can donate the furniture to charity, helping your local community out too.

Perks of Using Purley Waste Clearance Services

Often, we help our clients with regards to organising waste collection in CR8. Many clients will not think to do this, but also do not think how they will get the rubbish out of their homes and to landfill, so it is something important to have in mind. If you are considering getting a skip, it is vital that you look into getting a skip permit, as this ensures you are safe and protected from any trouble. We can do that for you too. Purley, CR8 waste removal companies such as ours, are also useful, as we can help with white goods recycling, so your old appliances will be disposed of safely and responsibly way.

List of services we provide in Purley, CR8

  • Household Rubbish Clearance Purley, CR8
  • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Purley, CR8
  • Building Waste Removal Purley, CR8
  • Garden Rubbish Removal Purley, CR8
  • Electronic Waste Collection Purley, CR8
  • Garage Clearance Purley, CR8

To Clear the Rubbish Ideally You Need Our CR8 Waste Disposal

Clearing out your home can really help to give you a clear head and a new view on your home, often making it feel like a completely different place. If you believe that it is something that you would find useful in your home, please don’t hesitate to call Handy Rubbish on 020 3540 8282. Hiring rubbish removal CR8, Purley such as ours means that we can help you with all these tasks and more and can be extremely beneficial in your home.


TestimonialsThis is an excellent option for rubbish removal in the Purley area. They have a professional team and cheaper rates than most. Handy Rubbish is the place to call for your waste removal needs.

  • Tatianna F.
  • 09Feb 2021

TestimonialsThe rubbish clearance team that arrived in CR8 were prompt and knew just what they were doing. They didn't need babysitting, simply got on with the job at hand. They were very on the ball.

  • D. Parker
  • 03Dec 2020

TestimonialsI regularly hire Handy Rubbish for waste disposal in Purley. To date, they've yet to let me down. They always impress completing a top job.

  • Annie H
  • 10Nov 2020

TestimonialsSeveral of my Purley neighbours use the rubbish removal services of Handy Rubbish, and they are happy with them. So when I needed to replace my current service, I knew just who to call. They have been doing an excellent job so far and are quite a bit cheaper than the previous company.

  • Carol Lindberg
  • 21Aug 2020

TestimonialsWe couldn't believe it, we finally found a reputable rubbish removal company in Purley CR8 that would be able to remove and deal with an old, but very heavy, safe. They did a fab job with it, and we're very happy with it all!

  • Jay Dinero
  • 07Aug 2020

TestimonialsI use builders waste removal companies at least weekly. That is one of my favourite places. They do good work and have some of the cheapest prices in the Purley area.

  • Viola Bradley
  • 02Dec 2019

TestimonialsIf you need junk collection in Purley CR8, you just have to hire these guys! Seriously great workers; you get your money's worth and don't regret! They cleared out my attic in less than 2 hours, and believe me we had a ton of stuff!

  • Charles Morris
  • 23Oct 2019

TestimonialsWith these cheap rates, I was not expecting stellar service. They certainly proved me wrong. One of the top rubbish disposal companies in Purley.

  • Lonnie G.
  • 29Jul 2019

TestimonialsNeeded a fast and reliable waste removal company in Purley CR8. Handy Rubbish offered the best price and performed their duties in a super-professional style. Great.

  • Karl Jacobs
  • 30May 2019

TestimonialsOngoing issues with the council led to me needing waste removal from my home in Purley. Great job!

  • B. Gutcher
  • 13May 2019

TestimonialsI scheduled a waste disposal appointment in Purley last week. They visited my CR8 home to give me a free estimate. The estimate was correct and the price they asked for was more than affordable!

  • N. Docherty
  • 16Dec 2016

cr8 rubbish collection in purleyAbout Purley

Set in South London, in the Borough of Croydon, Purley is a mainly residential area that grew massively in the 1920’s and 30’s, supplying housing that was needed. Purley is in the postcode district CR8 and nearby places include Kenley, Banstead, Selsdon and Riddlesdown. Nearby postcode districts include CR3, SM2, CR2 and SM6. Purley is on the London to Brighton railway line and can be accessed by two stations on this line. It can also be reached by a station on the Tattenham Corner Line. It is near to both Motorways and London airports, making Purley and extremely accessible place. At one time, Purley had a bustling shopping life with many independent stores, but since the opening of a superstore in the area, that has changed to bars and restaurants to serve the area. Notable people who live in Purley include Bucks Fizz, singer Jay Aston, footballer Andy Frampton, actor Nigel Harman and survivalist Ray Mears. Alongside this, Purley has also been famous in fiction, particularly as the setting for the sitcom Terry and June.

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