n1 commercial waste removal in pentonvilleWhat Is Pentonville Like?

Pentonville is situated in the northern fringe of Central London and is named after the developer of many of the streets in the area, Henry Penton. It is located in the postcode district N1 and places such as Golden Lane, St. Pancras are nearby. Some nearby postcodes include N7, EC1Y and W1G. Pentonville can be found in the London borough of Islington, although this wasn't always the case. Although there is a prison with the same name, the Pentonville Prison is not actually in Pentonville. The area itself is served by the tube with the Angel stop being the nearest for people looking to travel to and from Pentonville. It developed from the ancient parish of Clerkenwell into the Pentonville that it is today. Pentonville was the birthplace for some pretty big thinkers including the philosopher John Stuart Mill and the Psychiatrist Forbes Benigus Winslow.

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