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We have been working in Quinton, for many years and over this time we have built a fantastic B32 waste removal company that we believe you will love too! When junk builds up in your house or garden, it’s so easy to push the issues to the back of your mind and delay getting the job done. Now is the best time to get things sorted by calling in Handy Rubbish for professional and affordable solutions to Quinton rubbish removal! We give you the control and reliability that you have been searching for, but also get the job done properly and use our initiative to give you 100% attention to detail!

B32 Waste Clearance Service in Quinton at Cheap Prices

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We have all kinds of services that are currently on offer in the area and wish to offer them to as many people as possible. Clearing your home of clutter can be life changing and we’d love to help you with the process. We have an unrivalled range of services available in the local area and these include waste disposal Quinton and builders B32 waste collection, among many others. You won’t find better services! All of our services are specially designed for you and we have a team of well trained professionals behind the scenes to help you in every way they possibly can!

Rubbish Removal Services to Solve Your Problems in Quinton, B32

We provide you with lots of options and attention to detail when it comes down to waste clearance in B32. There are many reasons why you should call us now on 0121 794 8242. Our professional and reliable company offers a wide range of services, which gives you a plenty of choice in Quinton, B32 and all of them are at unbeatable prices. We are an eco-friendly clearance company because we care about you and the ‪environment‬! If you would like to know more or to book one of our appointments then get in touch today on 0121 794 8242!

List of services we provide in Quinton, B32

    • Household Rubbish Clearance Quinton, B32
    • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Quinton, B32
    • Building Waste Removal Quinton, B32
    • Garden Rubbish Removal Quinton, B32
    • Electronic Waste Collection Quinton, B32
    • Garage Clearance Quinton, B32

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Everyone knows how important recycling is to the environment and we won’t just ignore our impact on the local area! We recycle as much as we possibly can so that your junk can go on to make reusable materials; that prevents wastage, reduces energy usage and lowers pollution! All of our incredible Quinton rubbish disposal services in B32 incorporate these ideas in order to give our customers an option that’s completely eco-friendly and good for the environment.  We work with local legislation and guidelines too in order to do the best job we can! We give you junk clearance solutions without the guilt! Book now on 0121 794 8242.

A Cost-Effective Solution to All of Your Waste Disposal Problems in B32

Not only do Handy Rubbish have the best services around in Quinton, but we are proud to say that we also have some amazingly competitive prices that are unrivalled in the local area. We can offer you results overnight and same day services and you can also book with us in advance. We are there for you with our B32 rubbish clearance services at any time! Relax and book our rubbish collection services that you can count on 100%. You won’t be disappointed! Now is a better time than ever to clear the junk in your home - call 0121 794 8242 to make a booking!


They removed all my garden waste in Quinton in a fast and hassle-free way. Will certainly hire their waste disposal team in B32 again!

- Reviewed by Wendy

quinton home decluttering around b32Get to Know the Area!

Quinton is an area in Birmingham and is specifically located on its western edge. It boarders Harborne and Bartley Green.  In the mid-1800s, there were two small coal mines in the area and the people of Quinton were employed to complete nail manufacturing. The place is home to two amateur football teams – The Magpies and The Rangers. There is a strong, friendly competition between local supporters. Woodgate Valley Country Park is the most popular and well known open space in the area and Bourne Brook River flows through it. There are lots of public services in Quinton including a library, schools and public transport.

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