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Here at Handy Rubbish we put the quality of service above all else. Balsall Heath B12 rubbish removal we offer is nothing short of superb and we demonstrate that every time we are on the job. You can rest assured that nothing will go wrong with us and everything that needs to be done – the entire junk removal process – will be handled with extreme care and finished in the swiftest manner. Efficiency is the name of the game and we play it extremely well. Our waste collection Balsall Heath service is thorough enough to leave every customer satisfied, no matter what needs taking care of. Contact us today on 0121 794 8242 and state your needs.

B12 Waste Collection in Balsall Heath

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With the many clearance companies in B12, you might be faced with a tough choice, but you should know that we offer what all the rest of the companies offer, plus quality of waste clearance Balsall Heath B12 and reliable help, and so much more. Our polite operators work 24/7 on 0121 794 8242, including bank holidays and weekends. We have the most responsible workers you will find around and our rates are meant for every business and household in B12. Our Balsall Heath rubbish disposal services are superb and they bring results to your door. We work for the environment as well as you.

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We do not use landfills. When you hire our waste disposal Balsall Heath to get the waste collection done we never take anything to the landfill in Balsall Heath unless it is the absolute last place we can send it. We handle rubbish clearance B12 and separation, and take it all to the local recycling centre. We are proud to announce that over 85% of your waste is always recyclable so we always manage to help with the repurposing of a huge amount of it. We strive to be green as well as helpful and we will continue with that trend so that we offer the best treatment to nature. We are dedicated to helping the environment as much as we are to helping you.

List of services we provide in Balsall Heath, B12

  • Household Rubbish Clearance Balsall Heath, B12
  • Commercial Rubbish Disposal Balsall Heath, B12
  • Building Waste Removal Balsall Heath, B12
  • Garden Rubbish Removal Balsall Heath, B12
  • Electronic Waste Collection Balsall Heath, B12
  • Garage Clearance Balsall Heath, B12

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Ultimately, Handy Rubbish is the company for you when you want excellent Balsall Heath waste removal B12 services. Our waste removal is something that every customer will gain from because we will do so much for you. We will handle everything from bags of rubbish, to pieces of furniture, to entire house clearances, and we will do it all quickly and thoroughly. We do not waste time and we do not disrupt while working. We do it fast and we do it in style. Rest assured, when we are on the job, it gets done. Contact us now on 0121 794 8242 and see what 100% customer satisfaction feels like. We never fail at that as well.


I’ve used this waste clearance company many times for jobs in Balsall Heath B12, and to date, I’ve never had an issue with any aspect of their service. It is cheap, quick and dependable!

- Reviewed by Sam W.

b12 disposal of old furniture in balsall heathSay Hello to Balsall Heath

Balsall Heath is located within the city of Birmingham, West Midlands. It is a working class area which was mostly an agricultural land until the middle of the 19th century when the city development of the area began. Today it offers its inhabitants a couple of popular churches, St Paul’s Church and St Barnabas’ Church, as well as a few other excellent locations to spend time in. Lovers of art will find it thrilling to visit the Moseley School of Art, and if you want a place for reading and relaxing, go to the Public Library and Baths on Moseley Road.

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